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Door Slat Panel Roll Forming Machine

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door track roll forming machine has been designed for producing steel guide rails for roller shutter doors to open up and close down.

Rolling shutter door track or guide rails are usually made out of galvanzied steel or cold rolled steel strips with thickness 1.2-2mm and whenever there is a roller shutter door or a sliding door installed, there will be the door track or guide rails.

A rolling shutter door track is a rail or channel in which rolling shutter doors (made up of smallhorizontal interlocking roller shutter slats or rolling shutter door panels) are guided when raised up and lowered down to open or close. There are different types of rolling shutter door track or guide rails used for rolling shutter doors and it is important to make clear what kind of door tracks used in your markets before the purchasing of a rolling shutter door track roll forming machine.


Rolling shutter door track roll forming machines are always required for the manufacturing of guide rails for rolling shutter doors to raise up and lowered down from galvanized steel strips of 1.2-2.0mm thickness. There are a variety of rolling shutter door tracks used in the markets, so the width of steel strips varies accordingly. In the rolling shutter tracks or rails, always the galvanized steel rolling shutter slats, pre-painted rolling shutter door panels and PU rolling shutter slats are guided.

Due to the heavy duty materials a rolling shutter door track roll forming machine usually bends, there are two types of transmission available for customers to choose: Chain-brackets transmission and Gear-box transmission.

A rolling shutter door track roll forming machinefor the production of rolling shutter door guide rails generally consists of a decoiler, leveler, main roll forming machine, transmission system (chain-brackets or gearbox), cutting tool, hydraulic oil pump, PLC control cabinet and runout tables.

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