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Hoop Locking Ring Roll Forming Machine

Our new develop products hoop locking ring roll forming machine use full automatic system and add a bending part after sections form. The usage of this machine is for car industry. The flat sections can bend round sections use our hoop locking ring roll forming machines.

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Hoop Locking Ring Roll Forming Machine

1. Equipment Technical Requirements

Equipment Floor Area:3*1.5*4m(L*W*H)

Feeding Direction: From Right to Left

Voltage:3 Phase, 380V,50Hz or accoring to customer

Flow Rate:0.5m³/min; Pressure: 0.6MPa

Hydraulic Fluid:46#

Gear Oil: 18# Hyperbolic gear oil

Width of Strip ≤100mm

Material of Strip: Stainless Steel

Total Power: approximately 11.5KW

2. De-coiler

Width of coil:50-150mm

Inner Diameter of Coil:500mm

The range of inner diameter:ф490-520 mm

Outer Diameter of Coil:φ1300mm

Load Capacity:≤1T

Expansion mode : Manual

3. Roll Forming Unit 

(1) Form: Guide column guide sleeve type Worm gear box Drive(Variable frequency motor control)

(2) Function and structure: the sheet will through rollers four times, and gradually roll into the finished bracket. By the variable frequency motor, reducer, gear box, roller group composition. The lathe with welded structure, to stress treatment.

(3) The roller adopts the combination structure, the speed difference and the forming resistance are small, the steel surface wear is small; the roll process design uses the imported software, the computer design, and carries on the FEA analysis, guarantees the piece shape precision, does not scratch the sheet material. Roller with Cr12MoV forging, the overall quenching CNC machining, hardness up to HRC58-62; with high strength, high hardness, high precision, using life and so on.

(4) Quick Change

(5) Guide device: Accurate introduction of the first round forming wheel, comes with Digital position indicator.

(6) lubrication system



4. Bending Unit


5. Control System

There are two modes of operation:manual and automatic . With manual and automatic switching function: in the manual state, can stand-alone operation, easy maintenance; in the automatic state, the full range of production run, the order to start; full line with emergency stop button, easy to deal with emergencies, to ensure that equipment and operators Safety.

There is a manual operation panel next to the operator to facilitate the operation of the workers.


6. Products Pictures of Hoop Locking Ring


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