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How to Maintain Cold Roll Forming Machines

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With the Cold Roll Forming machine’s life increased, it will inevitably occur the aging wear and tear problems, which requires the maintenance of cold bending machine equipment to ensure the stability of its work, not to affect the normal production process.


First of all, maintenance of cold roll forming equipment in accordance with the appropriate maintenance specifications for regular maintenance, even if the working condition is good, it still need comprehensive maintenance from the fundamental to prevent mechanical failure to ensure the smooth production of cold roll forming machine.

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Second, in the maintenance of  the cold forming process,we found that serious wear and tear parts to be replaced even if it is. Regular maintenance and maintenance of cold forming machines, such as the addition of lubricants, are carried out by professional maintenance personnel.


Finally, in the sliding side,brush some quality of anti-rust oil, to prevent the cold bending machine equipment rust, especially in the case of long-term idle. Do the details of the maintenance work for the normal operation of the cold roll forming machine is very good to ensure the smooth production progress.

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