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Industry News

  • Roll Forming: A Cost-effective Parts Manufacturing Process

    Roll forming is a process of continuous shaping that makes it possible to obtain products of constant section, known as profiles, from sheet metal sheets or coil using a roll forming machine.


    A roll forming machine is designed to fabricate specific configurations out of long strips of metals (especially cold steel). These machines are designed with specifications for the type of rolls it will produce. It does this by bending these metals at room temperature, guided by a number of fixed stations.

  • Choosing the Roll-forming machine correctly

    Roll-forming machines utilize series of gears to convert strip/sheets to a finished cross-section. The device is basically made up of the roll spindles, the fabricated base, a drive, and a spindle support housing. Given the market price of roll forming machines, many people are often faced with the challenge of choosing the right roll-forming machines.

  • Cold Forming Basics for Industrial Fasteners

    There are two different ways to make industrial fastener out of a bit of round stock. To begin with, there is cold forming machine, that removes overabundance metal from a bit of bar stock until the point that what remains is the shape you need. These fasteners begin with a bar stock size equivalent to the biggest distance across of the clasp being made.

  • Advantages of Cold-formed Steel (5)

    Cost-effectiveness. Cold-formed steel offers cost savings on a number of fronts. By helping to minimize fi re risk, the use of cold-formed steel results in lower insurance costs for builders and owners. Additionally, panelized cold-formed steel construction methods produce shorter construction cycles, allowing builders to complete steel-framed projects months faster than with other framing materials.

  • Advantages of Cold-formed Steel (4)

    Cold-formed steel features superior chemical and physical qualities that give it a broad range of advantages over other framing materials.

  • Advantages of Cold-formed Steel (3)

    So far, we have introduced four advantages of cold-formed steel – strength, economic sectional characteristics, durability, and variable product length. In this article, we will continue to state the next three advantages: stability, various shapes, and high-strength profiles.

  • Roll Forming Machinery - Used Mostly in Industry

    In the manufacturing industry, this equipment is used to bend or form sheet metal to meet a certain profile. These machines make specified configurations from long strip metals that are commonly coiled steel. The needed cross-sectional profile is designed for the machine to bend or form is as specified.

  • Roll Forming Machine Design Technology Introduction

    Roll forming is known as an ongoing process that is often used by industries for the transformation of coiled metal, strip or sheet into long shapes with the desired cross-section. During this process, a rolling machine is supplied with the material via several pairs of rolls so that uniform cross-section.

  • Cold Roll Forming Machines – New Army in Steel Construction Industry

    Metal rolls have been around for a while, and they are an industry-favorite. Regular metals blocks have a lot of disadvantages that rolling them can prevent. Metal rolls are easier to transport, bend, cut and even melt again if required. To do this, a whole array of industries use roll forming machines.


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