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  • Do You Know High Frequency Induction Welding Exactly?

    High frequency induction welding is used to make pipe or tube from strip which is fed into rolls which form the strip into a cylindrical shape. The faying edges are brought together between squeeze rolls to produce a V at the point of welding, with an included angle of typically 2-5° for steel.A hig

  • Where to Use Roll Forming Line?

    For some beginning suppliers of roll forming line in this industrial area,almost of them did not know exactly where to use roll forming line.Actually,roll forming is typically used for projects that require a mass production of shapes that exhibit a uniform cross-section.

  • China hollow elevator guide forming machine in Russian Market

    Many residential buildings in Moscow is built during the Soviet Union, the building equipped with elevators have many security risks ,although After repair,it is also difficult to ensure safe use.So China hollow elevator guide forming machine will have a huge market in Russia.

  • How roll forming machine Work?

    Today what we talk about is roll forming machine?As we all known, nowadays, roll forming machine is widely used in many domains such as transportations, medical industry, elevator industry, etc.It plays an important role in our daily life.However, how roll forming machine work?

  • Shelf cold roll forming machine is an important part of metal working industry

    The technology innovations are something which has changed the world in all means. The innovations had made some important changes in all industries with new machineries which can deliver better services for you.Shelf cold roll forming machine is one of the machines which can bring much convenience

  • What is ​ Elevator guide rail?

    Elevator guide rail is running up and down the elevator shaft safety rails, Rails installed on the shaft wall, rail, rail bracket is attached to the shaft wall.

  • Common technical problems of I - beam bending machine

    It is very important to choose the arch processing site. Here is mainly for small site, and the main points that I summarize at work are as follows:1. First of all to consider the convenience of unloading, if the sidewalk is not easy to go, you can enter the 12-meter I-beam, at least nine meters.

  • "Zhangyun Cares": convenience, safety and quick experience business goal

    Employees at ZHANG YUN MACHINERY China are making a difference in the communities where they work by devoting in programs that help to improve the local environment, promote safety and encourage healthy lifestyles.

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