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Product News

  • How It Works---Cold Forming Makes Fasteners and A Lot More

    Basically, Cold heading implies putting a material in a die and giving it shape by hammering. This is quite different from the hot forging where the metal is first heated before the forming process takes place. It is also different from casting where the metal is melted first then,

  • Advantages of Cold-formed Steel (2)

    In the last article, we mentioned that due to the strength of steel, cold-formed steel also provides architects with greater flexibility, allowing designs that incorporate longer spans and other architectural features. In this article, we will introduce another three advantages of cold-formed steel: economic sectional characteristics, durability, and variable product length.

  • Advantages of Cold-formed Steel (1)

    The cold-formed steel can be selected according to the force characteristics of the component, and give full play to its cross-section interface characteristics, making it more economical and reasonable. Cold-formed steel features superior chemical and physical qualities that give it a broad range of advantages over other framing materials.

  • Technology of High Frequency

    The current welded pipe market is seriously homogenized. The high-frequency welding pipe machine enterprise’s products need to meet the market demand, and it is technological innovation that makes the welded pipe unit specialization and quality.

  • High-frequency Welding and High-frequency Straight Seam Welding

    So far, Zhang Yun has approximately 20 years experiences to strive for the production of transportation equipment with high quality and reasonable price. In 2006, we began to turn to non-standard equipment R & D, and manufacturing and sales. Our products consist of cold-formed equipment, high-frequency welded pipe equipment, elevator guide auxiliary processing equipment, non-standard automatic production line, etc.

  • High precision and high speed aluminum pipe making machines

    Zhangyun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd has devoted to develop high precision and high speed pipe making machines. This type of aluminum pipe making machine through optimization design, best material choice and accurately fabrication and rolls, the whole line can be reached high precision and high speed.

  • All There Is To Know About the Roll forming machines Supply in Our Life

    Have you ever wondered how straight sheet metal can be turned into shapes? Well, the roll-forming machine does that. In this specific case, the equipment used will be a Sheet metal roll-forming machine.

  • New Designed Cold Roll Forming Machine Debugging Finished

    New designed cold roll forming machine,Zhang Yun Manufacturing Machinery customized,has been finally debugged.This cold roll forming machine is customized for automotive industry.Want to know more?Read on!

  • Door Slat Panel Roll Forming Machine

    A door track roll forming machine has been designed for producing steel guide rails for roller shutter doors to open up and close down.Rolling shutter door track or guide rails are usually made out of galvanzied steel or cold rolled steel strips with thickness 1.2-2mm and whenever there is a roller shutter door or a sliding door installed, there will be the door track or guide rails.

  • Storage Racking Cold Roll Forming Machine-Best Choice For You

    Cold forming is a forging process in which coiled wire is sheared and moved through a series of tools and die to press it and change its shape. It displaces the working metal and changes its diameter and length and removes some metal through the process of piercing and trimming. How cold form machin


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