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Cold Roll Forming Lines in Different Industries

Product News

  • What is Photovoltaic Bracket Roll Forming Production Line

    Solar Energy Bracket is a special support for the design of the solar photovoltaic power generation system in order to display, install and fix the solar panel. General materials are aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. Based on the needs of the market, Zhang Yun designed Solar Energy Bracket Roll Forming Machine for making the production of solar energy supporter in batch and fully automatic.

  • The Structure And Quality Requirement Of Forming Roller Of Cold Roll Forming Machine

    Cold roll forming equipment formingroller to move the body and forming, it is divided into two categoriesaccording to the structure: the overall shape of the roller and the combination forming roller. The Structure And Quality Requirement Of Forming Roller Of Cold Roll Forming Machine - ZhangYun Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

  • Storage Shelf Cold Roll Forming Line Introduction-Zhangyun Machinery

    Storage Shelf Cold Roll Forming Line,manufactured by Zhangyun Machinery.Storage Shelf Cold Roll Forming Line is widely used in storage and logistic industry.In our daily life,we often meet with supermarket storage shelves and warehouse storage shelves. How are they be manufactured? Here is the function of cold roll forming line.

  • How Does the Cold Roll Forming Equipment Operate

    Cold roll forming equipment is the latest equipment for the processing and manufacture of steel archs,the protection of tunnels. It consists of electrical control system, cold bending system, base, hydraulic system, mechanical transmission and auxiliary system and so forth.

  • Importance of elevator guide rail roll forming machine

    The elevator has been able to run up and down smoothly, in addition to the core of the operating system control, but also need a auxiliary operating equipment, the device carrier Is the elevator guide rail device. The elevator guide rail is a safe rail of the elevator running up and down on the hoistway.

  • Introduction to Electrical Cabinet Roll Forming Line

    As a professional manufacturer of cold roll forming machines, we always keep making more and more effort to improve this industry. Electrical cabinet roll forming line is one of our basic products. Today we are going to see the features of electrical cabinet roll forming line.

  • What is Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine?

    The Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine Produced by us, is used for producing cable trays that are used in different kind of factories and buildings. We offering you to Cable Tray Machine that comprise of efficient Punching Press, Hydraulic Press, Electric Control panel and many other Equipments.

  • Check Standards of Quality Hollow Elevator Guide Forming Line

    We make more effort to search and choose ourselves a professional elevator guide rail manufacturer,but when we bought their machine production line,most of us have ignored the check standards of a quality hollow elevator guide forming line.Here we will talk about the check standards.

  • How Storage Shelf Cold Roll Forming machine works

    The production line is highly integrated by uncoiling 、leveling、forming 、cutting off、punching、receiving and related process. The whole production line is controlled by PCL program . Operators can select a preset program to run the whole line automatically by using touch screen.The methods of operati

  • Indian customers came to visit Zhangyun Machinery

    Indian customers came to visit Zhangyun Machinery. Recently our Indian customers came to visit our factory. The equipment they ordered was successfully finished and accepted. Our customers are satisfied with its good and stable performance.

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