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Product News

  • What are the Ways of Cold Rolling Metal?

    The metals are shaped up with the help of the rolling process. It is essential in metal production. There are two types of metal rolling which include hot rolling and cold rolling. At present, we will discuss the cold rolling of metal.

  • New Direction Of In Steel Construction Industry - Cold Roll Forming Machines

    The technological innovations have revolutionized the world in every manner. These innovations have made imperative amendments in diverse industries. Latest machinery has been involved in diverse industries. This machinery reduced the labor cost and made the production method fast.

  • The Latest News of Customer Debugging in Factory

    As the picture shows, the British customers specially arrange professional mechanical engineers and electrical engineers to assist our commissioning, to complete the cooperation. Customers are very satisfied with the quality of our machinery. Why is that? Our roller material is made of Cr12Mov.

  • Metal Roof is an Attractive Alternative for Homeowners

    There was a time when metal roofing was linked with the barns, warehouses and storage facilities. Till the end of 1999, the metal roofing market share was around 4 percent. However, according to the latest study, the market share for the housing metal roofing is around 15 percent.

  • Starting and growing business with cold roll forming machine?

    Roll forming simply refers to a type of rolling involving the continuous rolling or bending of a long strip of metal sheet (typically coiled sheet) into a designed cross-section of choice. The strip moves through series of rolls mounted on consecutive stands, with each series performing only an incremental part of the bend until the cross-section that is desired is obtained. Roll forming is usually used for producing constant cross-sections with long lengths and in numerous quantities.

  • How to Do Business With Roll Forming Machine

    Our world history completely changed with the discovery of precious metals. This discovery made us generate breathtaking infrastructures and heavy machines which have dramatically changed our manufacturing process forever.

  • The Best Small Roll Forming Machine Price for Sale

    How do you choose a small roll forming machine suitable for the production of steel profiles? Before that, you must know the structure of the roll forming machine well.Take cold formed steel as an example, which is widely used in different industries. How do you choose the most appropriate?

  • Why Choose Zhang Yun Cold Forming Machine Manufacturers as Your Supplier?

    When choosing a cold forming machine manufacturer for your supplies, it is important to pay attention to some essential qualities.

  • Roll Forming High Strength Steel

    The use of high strength steel has become so popular in the automotive industry mainly because of their very high strength to weight ratio.

  • C/Z Roll Forming Machine Project

    C/Z Roll Forming Machine ProjectA roll fоrmіng machine bends mеtаl аt rооm tеmреrаturе еnѕurіng thаt уоu hаvе a perfect lооkіng rоll. When уоu feed thе mаtеrіаl thаt уоu wаnt tо rоll, the material trаvеlѕ through a ѕеt of rollers thаt bend іt.


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