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Straightening Process in Cold Roll Forming Line

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One of the basic principles of the cold forming process is that the strip is bent in a straight line in the longitudinal direction. However, the pressure generated during bending deformation is combined with the residual stresses present in the strip, often the strip deviates from the cold-formed equipment. Describe the degree of deviation of the strip as it emerges from the last forming roll. The most commonly used words are: Sideways - Curved in the horizontal, warped - Curved in the upright, twisted - spiral. To solve this problem, a straightening mechanism should be used at the end of the cold roll forming machine.


The basic principle of straightening mechanism, for the profile with side bending, warping and other defects, through the correction mechanism ten in the opposite direction enough pressure, so that it has permanent deformation. If the amount of deformation in the opposite direction is appropriate, the profile will be able to be fully straightened after springback. If the profile is distorted in one direction, then the straightening mechanism rotates the profile in the opposite direction, resulting in permanent plastic deformation. If the angle of rotation is correct, after the rebound, the profile will not be reversed.

Straightening or twisting straightening is usually done between the last forming roll and the cutting die. If the last roll does not support the profile effectively, the entire profile section must be supported when entering the side of the straightening mechanism. Asymmetric profile straightening, straightening at the same time there may be torsional deformation, then the need to profile deformation in the opposite direction of simultaneous bending and torsional straightening. During the straightening process, the profiles will move up, down, left and right, requiring that the gap between the straightening mechanism and the profile be relatively loose. There may be some clearance between the straightening mechanism and the surface of the profile.

Here you can see how does the cold roll forming machine work by the following video:

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