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Cold Roll Forming Machines – New Army in Steel Construction Industry

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Metal rolls have been around for a while, and they are an industry-favorite. Regular metals blocks have a lot of disadvantages that rolling them can prevent. Metal rolls are easier to transport, bend, cut and even melt again if required. To do this, a whole array of industries use roll forming machines. Roll forming machines are usually complex and big machines. They use a combination of electricity, heat and pressure to make metal rolls. But now there is a new option available. This new option is called cold roll forming machines.


Cold roll forming machines follow some of the same principles that regular roll forming machines use. However, their main advantage is even included in the name: cold. Cold roll forming machines have a lot of benefits and features. If you want to know the new army in steel construction industry, you should keep reading:


1.  Benefits


As we mentioned above, traditional roll forming machines are very useful. However, they come with some downsides. These downsides are almost entirely solved by cold roll forming machines. Here are the main benefits of these new pieces that are revolutionizing the steel industry:


  • Versatility: Cold roll forming machines are smaller than regular roll forming machines. Thanks to this, they are efficient to use for small quantities or quick processes. Since they don’t require as much energy as regular roll forming machines, they don’t need to preheat. That makes them more versatile.


  • Less expensive: Cold roll forming machines consume way less electricity than regular machines. Besides, they since they don’t require heat, they need less frequent maintenance. Finally, they are cheaper in the upfront costs.


  • Less dangerous: First, it is important to mention that every machine can pose serious risks of injury or death if used wrong. But, even with that being true, cold roll forming machines are inherently safer. They don’t require heat, so burn risks are way lower. And also, since they are simpler, less parts and mechanisms naturally mean less risk of malfunction. Control panels are also simpler on cold roll forming machines. This reduces the risk of operator’s mistakes that could lead to hazards.


  • The rolls of steel produced are easier to cut and mold. They are also faster to manipulate, have an excellent strength/weight ratio and waste very little steel. Finally, all the ancillary operations are possible. These operations include piercing, curving, folding or punching.


cold roll forming machine

2.  The cold roll forming process


Although cold roll forming machines share some parts of the process with regular machines, the basic process is different. To create steel rolls without using heat, cold roll forming machines use an array of smart steps. Here are the basic process’ steps of cold roll forming:


1.  Flat strips of steel or other metals are loaded into the machine. This can be done by hand or using other machines, depending on the weight.


2.  Series of paired roll tools shape the strips of metal into a predesigned profile. This process is called flowering, and it is progressive.


3.  Different stages of the flowering process produce gradual changes in the metal strip. The strip continues to pass through series of paired roll tools. This makes it a continuous process instead of a stage production process. This also eliminates the need for finishing and sub-assembly stages.


4.  If the machine has to perform ancillary operations, independent and additional tools are added to the line. These operations can include folding, curving, piercing or punching.


5.  Finally, the machine delivers the finished rolls to be packed or tested.


3.  Cold roll forming vs. hot roll forming


The best way to truly appreciate how cutting-edge and versatile the cold roll forming process is, is to compare it against traditional hot roll forming. Here are they key differences in the final product –sections-:


  • Customization of sections: Cold roll formed sections can meet any imaginable design specifications. Hot roll formed only includes standardized sections.


  • Strength-to-weight: Cold roll formed sections have a very high strength-to-weight ratio due to the nature of the process. Hot roll formed sections have a low strength-to-weight ratio.


  • Maintenance: Cold roll formed sections don’t require any maintenance thanks to the surface finish included in the process. Hot roll formed sections require frequent maintenance.


  • Surface finish: Cold roll formed sections can have any finish required by the client. This can include painted, galvanized, powder-coated or polyurethane-coated surface finishes. Hot roll formed sections don’t have any surface finish.


  • Waste production: Cold roll formed sections avoid wastage by being factory-finished. Hot roll formed sections come only in standard shapes and sizes, which carries a lot of wastage.


  • Installation time: Cold roll formed sections are quick and easy to install. This is due to the fact that they are factory-finished and ready to use. Hot roll formed sections need to be cut and processed after delivery. This greatly increases the installation time required.


  • Factor of safety: Cold roll formed sections have additional factors of safety. This is due to the nature of the cold forming process. Hot roll formed sections have standard factors of safety.


  • Load on foundation: Cold roll formed sections are lighter. This reduces dead load and takes the load on foundations to the bare minimum. Hot roll formed sections are heavier. Supports are also heavier, which results in more load on foundations.


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