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Guide on How to Use a Roll Forming Machine

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Technology has come a long way. Nowadays, pretty much every process in a factory is automatized. New machines are developed every year, and they aim to make everything simpler, easier and quicker. Pretty much every industry in the world requires metal, for one thing or for another. And since metal is known for being solid, and solid usually means hard to transport, industries needed a better solution. And that was when roll forming machines appeared.


Roll forming machines take long and thin strips of metal, usually steel. These long and thin strips of metal are then transformed into rolls. Rolls area easier to manipulate and transport. Even when the name “roll forming machine” speaks for itself, the machines actually do other stuff. For example, they can cut the metal or perform roll-punching duties. If you want to know how to use a roll forming machine, continue reading:


1.  Safety and training


Prior to using any heavy machinery, all workers have to undergo safety training. Machines can pose a serious risk of injury or death if used the wrong way. Since roll forming machines use several tons of pressure, this risk increases. To prevent any injuries, workers need to take a safety course, which usually consists of:


  • Basic operators training: The future operator has to learn how the machine works, piece by piece. Hazards associated with the machine and line must be explained to the operator. Emergency stop procedures are also included in the training. Finally, the operator has to actually use the machine in presence of a trained instructor. This is to prove that he or she has learned how to properly use the roll forming machine.


  • Behavior: There are several rules that the worker needs to follow. Some of those rules are independent from the actual machine. For example, the workers need to stand at a safe distances from the machine at all times. This is usually accomplished by painted lines in the floor. Following the recommended behaviors is the best way to be safe. Remember that roll forming machines can be very dangerous.


  • Technical indicators: Different roll forming machines work differently. Depending on the particular model the operator is using, there are some technical indicators. For example, some models only work properly at a certain pressure or voltage. Safety training includes all this information for the workers to know and look for while using the machine. Technical malfunctions can become a serious risk. This is why they need to be constantly monitored.


  • On/Off procedures: Roll forming machines are complex and have a particular process to turn on and off. Usually, things are not as easy as pushing a button. Operators need to know the regular on and off procedures. This has a double benefit. First, the machine remains in good conditions and requires less maintenance. And, second, this reduces the risk of a potentially dangerous malfunction.


  • Clothing and equipment: Particular clothes are required while working with roll forming machines. Additionally, the operators need earplugs, goggles and safety helmets and boots. Different companies may implement additional safety measures.


cold roll forming machine

2.  Operation


After taking and passing comprehensive safety trainings, workers are ready to use the machine. While the machine is simple in principles, it is incredibly complex in reality.


The basic principle is that long sheets of metal can be bent into rolls using pressure. Rolls are easier to store and to transport. Long and thin strips of metal enter the machine first. The machine punches holes or cuts shaped in the strips if it is required. Then, the metal is taken to the rolling stations. In the rolling stations, the sheets of metal are turned into rolls. After rolls reach certain size, the machine cuts them. It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, while it is a somewhat simple process, this involves a lot of aspects.


To begin with, the machine is divided into independent lines. Each line has at least one control panel and several components. The control panel can have a lot of buttons to control every aspect of the line. Those aspects could be start/stop, emergency stops, voltage, pressure, speed or others. To use any control panel, the operator needs to be trained in that particular line.


Finally, the roll forming machines have to be loaded. Depending on the size and the model, some machines have to be loaded by hand. This implies a whole different array of safety measures. Generally speaking, operators load the sheets of metal when the machine makes small rolls. In case the machine produces huge rolls of many tons of weight, a separate machine loads the roll forming machine. As you can imagine, this also requires more operators, control panels and more training.

3.  Maintenance


Roll forming machines are complex and expensive pieces of technology. Besides proper training and careful operation, they require maintenance. Maintenance protocols vary a lot depending on several factors. How much time the machine runs for everyday or what metal it uses, for example. Besides regular wear and tear, operator mistakes can damage the machine a little faster. This is why maintenance protocols are so different.


It is important to remember that maintenance is one of the most important aspects of usage of roll forming machines. They reduce the risk of malfunctions and injuries and they contribute to the machine lasting longer.

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