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  • How to Select Best Roll Forming Machine at Affordable Cost

    Our customer often say,how to select the best roll forming machine at affordable cost,but it is really a complicated question.Before your purchase of metal steel roll forming machine,there are several things to be considered.

  • New Designed Cold Roll Forming Machine Debugging Finished

    New designed cold roll forming machine,Zhang Yun Manufacturing Machinery customized,has been finally debugged.This cold roll forming machine is customized for automotive industry.Want to know more?Read on!

  • Make Efforts to Be the Best Cold Roll Forming Machinery-Zhang Yun

    If you want to be the best cold roll forming machinery, must know the following tips.

  • Why Is the Steel Floor Decking Becoming Increasingly Popular?

    Within the last few decades, due to the development of high-rise buildings, the steel-concrete composite floor system(composite steel floor decking) has been increasingly popular.Compared to the traditional reinforced concrete flooring system, there are many benefits that composite steel flooring decking system would bring.

  • Cold-formed Steel Application and Its Market Prospect

    China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) conducted a survey on eight industries that use a large amount of steel, and related to cold-formed steel in seven aspects: racking and shelf system,escalator guide rail,construction, machinery, automobiles, agricultural vehicles, shipbuilding, railways and containers. and Cold roll formed steel has a bright prospect in China.

  • Cold-formed Steel and Its Forming Process

    Cold-formed steel is widely used due to its energy-saving and environment-friendly features, and the required load is no longer completely dependent on increasing the amount of sheet material or improving the mechanical properties of the material, but by changing the cross-sectional shape of steel p

  • Straightening Process in Cold Roll Forming Line

    One of the basic principles of the cold forming process is that the strip is bent in a straight line in the longitudinal direction. However, the pressure generated during bending deformation is combined with the residual stresses present in the strip, often the strip deviates from the cold-formed equipment.To solve this problem, a straightening mechanism should be used at the end of the cold roll forming machine.

  • Door Slat Panel Roll Forming Machine

    A door track roll forming machine has been designed for producing steel guide rails for roller shutter doors to open up and close down.Rolling shutter door track or guide rails are usually made out of galvanzied steel or cold rolled steel strips with thickness 1.2-2mm and whenever there is a roller shutter door or a sliding door installed, there will be the door track or guide rails.

  • Storage Racking Cold Roll Forming Machine-Best Choice For You

    Cold forming is a forging process in which coiled wire is sheared and moved through a series of tools and die to press it and change its shape. It displaces the working metal and changes its diameter and length and removes some metal through the process of piercing and trimming. How cold form machin

  • Cold Rolling Door Frame Forming Machine

    Cold rolling door forming machine can produce slat roller shutter. Usually the thickness is from 0.7mm to 1.2mm. Zhang Yun always pay much more attention on processing details, even the screws and nuts are national standard with zinc plating, so that we can ensure the precise forming and durable qua


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