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  • Cold Rolling Door Frame Forming Machine

    Cold rolling door forming machine can produce slat roller shutter. Usually the thickness is from 0.7mm to 1.2mm. Zhang Yun always pay much more attention on processing details, even the screws and nuts are national standard with zinc plating, so that we can ensure the precise forming and durable qua

  • Happy 2017 Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

    Annual Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching day by day,2017 Mid-Autumn Festival falls on October 4th. The day is within the National Day holiday (Oct. 1 - 7) Falling on the 15th day of the 8th month according to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the second grandest festival in Chi

  • Profitable Cold Roll Forming Machine

    Cold roll forming technology has been widely used in different industries,there are cold roll forming machine for door frame,cold roll forming line for supermarket displaying shelves and so on.Cold Roll forming machinery companies have been known for many years for the many benefits of using the process of cold roll forming to create complicated and complex metal shapes.

  • Roll Forming Machine Application in Different Industries

    Roll forming technology is widely used in different industries,which has greatly liberated the labour force and improved human’s productivity.Firstly,in construction and building industry,there are hollow elevator guide rail roll forming machines,door frame roll forming machine;in storage shelves and racking industry,,there are heavy duty and light duty racking cold roll forming lines.

  • Cold Roll Forming Machines Appeal Customers from England

    On 1st,September,our customer from England came to Zhang Yun Machinery Factory to check the cold roll forming machine production procedure.

  • What is Photovoltaic Bracket Roll Forming Production Line

    Solar Energy Bracket is a special support for the design of the solar photovoltaic power generation system in order to display, install and fix the solar panel. General materials are aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. Based on the needs of the market, Zhang Yun designed Solar Energy Bracket Roll Forming Machine for making the production of solar energy supporter in batch and fully automatic.

  • The Structure And Quality Requirement Of Forming Roller Of Cold Roll Forming Machine

    Cold roll forming equipment formingroller to move the body and forming, it is divided into two categoriesaccording to the structure: the overall shape of the roller and the combination forming roller. The Structure And Quality Requirement Of Forming Roller Of Cold Roll Forming Machine - ZhangYun Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

  • How to Maintain Cold Roll Forming Machines

    With the Cold Roll Forming machine’s life increased, it will inevitably occur the aging wear and tear problems, which requires the maintenance of cold bending machine equipment to ensure the stability of its work, not to affect the normal production process.

  • Escalator Company Matters need Attention Escalator Guide Rail Roll Forming Line Installation

    Considering the escalator guide rail forming line working process,what matters should the escalator company need pay attention?

  • Storage Shelf Cold Roll Forming Line Introduction-Zhangyun Machinery

    Storage Shelf Cold Roll Forming Line,manufactured by Zhangyun Machinery.Storage Shelf Cold Roll Forming Line is widely used in storage and logistic industry.In our daily life,we often meet with supermarket storage shelves and warehouse storage shelves. How are they be manufactured? Here is the function of cold roll forming line.


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