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Roll Forming Machine Design Technology Introduction

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Roll forming is known as an ongoing process that is often used by industries for the transformation of coiled metal, strip or sheet into long shapes with the desired cross-section.  During this process, a rolling machine is supplied with the material via several pairs of rolls so that uniform cross-section is produced from the metal. Apart from roll forming, most roll forming machines can also be used for roll punching as well as material cutting.

Roll forming machine design technology is quite complex as it has several parts as well as varying applications. The design of the roll forming machine allows it to produce various designs based on the specific needs of the clients; hence, the same machine may be used to roll or fold the coiled metal, strip or sheet simultaneously.

Design of the roll forming machine

Most roll forming machines perform their functions in an ongoing cycle that starts when the machine receives the materials and finally ends when the finished product is formed. Typically, the speeds of operation of these machines are about 30 – 600 feet/minute.

Basically, a roll forming machine has four main parts which are:

  • Entry station – for loading the material into the machine

  • Station rollers – for the shaping of the metal

  • Basic roll forming machine – for cutting the metal in a specific length

  • Exit station – for removing the finished product

Design of roll forming

Roll forming machine design technology comes with computer-aided systems. With the addition of these CAM/CAD systems, the roll forming devices are able to work at the maximum level. The computer-aided design technology of the modern roll forming machine allows it to be able to reduce waste and damage.

Also, the roll forming machine design technology allows the addition of programmable logic controllers so that accuracy is guaranteed. The accuracy provided by the controllers comes into play when there is a need for cutting the rolls into a certain length or making of several holes in the rolls. Apart from ensuring accuracy, these controllers also increase the tolerance level of the machine.

At room temperature, several stations with fixed rollers are used by the roll forming machine to control the movement of the metal and make sure that it bends in the required way. While the strip of the metal is still moving along the machine, the metal is bent more by every set of the rollers, so that the shape formed at this station is more than what has been formed at the previous station.

The major benefit of this continuous process of bending the metal is to make sure that the desired cross-section is formed without losing the cross-sectional area of the metal. Based on the roll forming machine design technology, the machine can be used to produce specific configurations from coiled steel and other types of long strips of metal.

Whether to create precise parts without any finishing work or large quantities of long pieces, roll forming machine has been designed to produce final products that have fine details as well as extraordinary finish with uniform portions.

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