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Roll Forming Machinery - Used Mostly in Industry

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In the manufacturing industry, this equipment is used to bend or form sheet metal to meet a certain profile. These machines make specified configurations from long strip metals that are commonly coiled steel. The needed cross-sectional profile is designed for the machine to bend or form is as specified. Other than roll forming, this machine performs the following tasks:

Roll punching

Material cutting

How the Roll Forming Machine Operates

The machine is fed with metal and at room temperature as it attempts to bend it with the aid of numerous stations. At these stations, the rollers direct the metal in order to achieve the needed bends. Each station strives to bend the metal more than the previous one. It is a progressive process that makes sure the desired cross-sectional design is met. The machine operates at a speed of thirty to six hundred feet every minute. Thus, they are well equipped to handle long metal pieces and large quantities of metal parts. They are a good fit for big metal forming companies.

They are good for bending and forming metals that need very little finishing work. The product in most cases is very detailed and finished excellently.

The Four Main Parts of a Roll Forming Machine Line

  1. Entry section- This is where the long metal strips are fed into the machine. It is the entry point for metal that is in sheet form or fed into the machine from a coil that is continuous.

  2. Station rollers- This is the main part of the entire roll forming process. As the metal strips make their way through the machine, the rollers bend and form the required shapes. The rollers are what drives the machine, thus it is a very crucial stage.

  3. Cut-off press- At this stage, the metal is reduced to a pre-determined length. It is common to find flying die cut-off techniques that march the speed of the machine.

  4. Exit section- This is the part where the product leaves the machine and is directed t a table or roller conveyor. This movement is manual and is used to inspect the product to make sure that it has met the requisite details.

roof panel roll forming machine

Numerous industries benefit from the roll-forming machine. They include:

•        Solar racking

•        Garage door

•        Guardrail

•        Scaffolding

•        Siding panels

•        Wall panel

•        Automotive

•        Track and stud

•        Roofing

•        Shelving

•        Steel framing machine gallery

•        Used roll formers

•        Roll forming machine manufacturers

•        Machinery and equipment types

•        Sofit

•        Pre-engineering buildings

•        Decking

•        Appliance

•        Fence

•        Corner Bead

•        Air and heating conditioning

•        Lighting

•        Office furniture

Benefits of Using a Roll Forming Machine

Energy efficient: Since this machine does not utilize the expended energy to heat the metal material it saves on the energy used. Thus, say goodbye to your outrageous electric bills when you opt to use roll-forming machinery. The metal shapes are formed at room temperature.

Flexible: Unlike other metal shaping machines that need a lot of time to perform their designated tasks, this roll forming machine applies to projects that have varied time durations. It is not rigid. This means that the machine can be optimized to meet any deadline

Uniformity: The products are uniform and precise.

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