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Technology of High Frequency

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The current welded pipe market is seriously homogenized. The high-frequency welding pipe machine enterprise’s products need to meet the market demand, and it is technological innovation that makes the welded pipe unit specialization and quality.

In the welding process, the manufacturer of roll forming machines determines the welding method according to the material, brand, chemical composition of the work piece to be welded, the type of the weldment structure, and the welding performance requirements. After the welding method is determined, then draw up the welding process parameters and determine the welding speed. Each process of the machine is really in line with the needs of customers.

pipe welding process

Zhangyun was founded in 2002. We began to rely on local resources to produce transport equipment, with the changing market situation – low technology and high labor costs. Transport equipment industry has not adapted to the city's industries. We began to turn to non-standard equipment research and development, manufacturing and sales in 2006, is a professional production of cold forming equipment, high-frequency welded pipe equipment, elevator rail auxiliary processing equipment and non-standard automation production line of well-known enterprises. Enterprises. We sells a variety of non-standard / standard equipment more than 500 sets / sets every year.

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