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The Latest News of Customer Debugging in Factory

Views:238     Author:zhangyun     Publish Time: 2019-05-08      Origin:Site

As the picture shows, the British customers specially arrange professional mechanical engineers and electrical engineers to assist our commissioning, to complete the cooperation. Customers are very satisfied with the quality of our machinery. Why is that? Our roller material is made of Cr12Mov.

These roll forming machines will export to UK, India and Romania. Our roll forming machine combines British technology to achieve high precision, high speed and high output. It saves the cost for customers and brings greater advantages.

This forming equipment adds the bending circle part on the basis of the former, which can bend the profile of the straight section into a half circle or a whole circle by adjusting the bending circle head. The whole production line is controlled by full automatic PLC, and international brands are used.

Our company has also equipped special testing instruments, such as profiler, projector and so on, to better improve the quality and accuracy of products.

roll forming equipment

cold roll forming machine

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