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Adjustment of cold-formed steel machinery and its distortion solution

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Adjustment of cold-formed steel machinery and its distortion solution

Cold forming machine is used in many projects, its role can not be replaced, cold forming machine in improving the processing accuracy at the same time, reduce the damage to the original structural strength of steel, so that the arch beam arch frame is more suitable for engineering, but to better use the forming machine, it is very important to understand the debugging method of cold forming machine.

When operating cold-formed steel machinery, we must first look at the operating procedures and wear good safety protection measures. The equipment should be cleaned before production, to avoid the operation of debris into the machine damage mechanical equipment; Adjust the parts according to the size of the steel, the size of the general parts is equal to or greater than the size of the steel.

When folding the blade, let the pressure of the equipment drop as small as possible to avoid damage to the equipment. When the operation is used, the steel should be put into the equipment and the interval should be adjusted around the same. Only one piece of steel can be made at a time. When making section steel, do not put your hands into the equipment to cause physical injury, pay attention to safety.

After the operation, turn off the power and exit the program to check and maintain the equipment. Cold formed steel processing using different environment, if the debugging work is not completed, the molding machine can not play its use value, the role of the corresponding cold formed steel machinery is increasing, performance becomes more convenient, efficiency becomes better, debugging is very important.

In order to avoid the mechanical distortion of cold formed steel, the calculation of neutral layer in the deformation area is accurate, the calculation of material in the deformation area is accurate, and the processing symmetry of roller is good. The non-deformation area should not be compressed as far as possible, and the clearance of each area of the upper and lower rollers should be consistent during assembly. And before the material bites, guide bevel should be set according to the rolling state of the front track. Before stabilizing the compression, the material slips smoothly in the rolling.

The roller processing accuracy of cold-formed steel machinery is the key, so special tools are specially made under the projector and magnified 20 times for detection. Main drive side, roller cone bearing, to ensure that the radial runout of the spindle in 0.04mm inside and outside, the spindle will not move left and right, ordinary ball bearing itself has clearance, can not avoid the axial movement in precise transmission. The problem of bending and distortion in production is mainly caused by the imbalance of the force, the imbalance of the left and right forces, the imbalance of the left and right bending, and the imbalance of the upper and lower forces, resulting in distortion. Solution: balanced design force, accurate processing, easy installation and adjustment.

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