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Application Cost of Cold-formed Steel Equipment

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Application Cost of Cold-formed Steel Equipment

Hot rolled or cold rolled strip steel is billet made of various section shapes and sizes by bending molding. Cold-formed steel has the following characteristics:

1. Section economy is reasonable, save material. The section shape of cold-formed steel can be designed according to the needs, the structure is reasonable, the section coefficient per unit weight is higher than that of hot-rolled steel. Under the same load, the weight of components can be reduced and materials can be saved. Cold-formed steel can save 38-50% more metal than hot-rolled steel when used in building structures, and 15-60% less metal when used in agricultural machinery and vehicles. Convenient construction, reduce the comprehensive cost.

2. It can produce various profiles with uniform wall thickness and complex section shape and cold-formed steel of different materials which are difficult to be produced by ordinary hot rolling method.

3. The product surface is smooth, the appearance is good, the size is accurate, and the length can also be adjusted flexibly according to the need, all according to the fixed size or double size supply, improve the utilization rate of materials.

4. Production can also be matched with punching and other processes to meet different needs.

The application of steel sheet pile is very common in foreign countries, mainly used in river and seaside berm, building foundation and trench construction. However, there is neither product standard nor construction specification in China, so cold-formed steel cannot be used. Currently, hot-rolled channel steel and I-beam steel are used instead. The next step will be for the user industry to prepare construction specifications to fill the gap in the Chinese steel sheet pile market....

Cold-formed steel based steel enterprises. Cold-formed steel is widely used in the construction industry abroad, which is used as urban rail transit, subway, three-dimensional garage, roof frame, purlin, truss, rigid frame, wall frame, keel, roof panel, wall panel, floor, doors and Windows and even containers, pipes, cofferdam, steel sheet pile, breakwater and so on.

Cold-formed steel is also called cold-formed thin-wall steel. Common name for section steel produced in continuous roller cold bending machines with carbon structural steel and low alloy steel strip at recrystallization temperature below. According to the section shape is divided into cold formed open section steel and cold formed hollow section steel...

The use of cold-formed steel equipment to complete the processing process of section steel materials can bring more benefits to the manufacturer, because the use of this equipment can peak the material application rate, through the traditional equipment to make section steel, if the production specifications of the product need to be modified, this time need to replace the rolling vibration device, in this process will also waste a lot of resources, However, this equipment will not have such problems during the working period. If other materials need to be processed, the processing process can be completed smoothly without replacing the rolling spoke, and more raw materials can be saved.

The structure of cold-formed steel equipment is more reasonable, this equipment will not occupy too much space during the operation, the structure of the equipment is very tight and reasonable, so that the equipment after the start of the energy consumption is not most compared with the previous equipment products can reduce more energy, so the use of this equipment has many benefits, but also can reduce a lot of costs for manufacturers.

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