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Application field and functional characteristics of automatic machining production line

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Application field and functional characteristics of automatic machining production line

Application fields of automatic machining production line:

Widely used in automobile, motorcycle, electric vehicle, LED, electronic appliances, communication equipment, teeth, bearings, security, engineering equipment, sanitary ware, kitchenware, daily necessities and other industries of spare parts processing field.

Features of automatic machining production line:

1. Five-person processing system for gears, bearing inner and outer rings, motor parts, automotive wheel lamp disc parts and shaft parts, pins, spool lamp shaft parts.

2. According to the actual product configuration, the flip table can be selected to complete the positive and negative processes of parts.

3, the use of a tow two mode (a manipulator with two machine tools) or two tow two, apportioned to a single machine tool cost is low, suitable for most parts with two processes.

4, the use of packaging technology, the overall production, transportation, installation and debugging, bin and robot integration, in the customer site debugging time is short.

5, especially suitable for the user site machine tool transformation

Machining automation production line terminal devices including start rotating cylinder, pneumatic finger, jig, according to the demand of the clamping process of nc lathe machining the end of the appropriate device, meet various axial, round work-piece, circular, square artifacts, heterosexual artifacts and other special artifacts, stay within or outside the claw to implement fast and good form of clamping requirements.

The automatic machining production line adopts a new type of truss structure developed by ourselves, and the main beam adopts the transmission mode of slider guide. The vertical beam can choose a variety of driving modes, small and light structure, complete the parts of the two processes (or a single process) processing, composed of a robot to complete the two machine tools loading and unloading automatic production line. This automatic machining production line is RECOMMENDED TO be used on CNC machine tools for automatic machining of disk and shaft parts, especially suitable for the occasions with short machining time and large production batches. Because of the standard modular design, the equipment in use can be modified, and the amount of machine tool equipment modification is small, after the transformation can also be converted between automatic loading and unloading production mode and manual loading and unloading production mode, so as not to affect the production because of equipment downtime.

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