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Application field of cold roll forming machine

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Application field of cold roll forming machine

In today's more popular industry of industrial equipment, there is no doubt that the cold bending machine is quite popular. The reason for this is that it is widely used. So since this new type of machine has so many applications, it's worth taking a look.

First, roads and railways are common applications. Although the price of cold bending machine will be different, but this does not affect the common use of various industries and fields. In particular, similar to roads and railways and other more common areas, it is often seen that different manufacturers often produce cold bending machine and the use of cold bending machine products.

Cold bending machines are also used in coal mines. It is worth noting that there are certain differences in the fields of cold bending machine products made by different cold bending machine manufacturers. For example, the products produced by some well-known manufacturers of cold bending machines are generally widely used in the field of mineral transportation pipelines such as coal mines.

In addition, cold bending machine and light steel industrial buildings (mostly single-layer, individual for 2 ~ 3 layers), the main components such as roof panel, wall, floor panels, beams and columns and purlines (roof, walls), support the door window frame, etc., general steel amount of 40 kg/square metre, according to the years completed area of 5 million square meters, with 200000 tons of steel, Among them, 150,000 tons of cold-formed steel; Construction field and municipal construction also need cold roll forming machine, such as road isolation railings, advertising bracket, three-dimensional garage, supermarket, farmers market and a variety of temporary buildings.The application of cold bending machine in automobile still plays a very important role. For example, car railings, doors, sides and so on all need cold bending machine for forming.

In addition to the above use of cold bending machine, cold bending machine is also widely used in aerospace, sewage treatment, paper mill, petrochemical, iron doors and Windows, construction, water pipes, decoration, petroleum, chemical and other fields.

With the development of industry, cold bending machine should play a more important role in more fields.

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