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Application field of photovoltaic support

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Application field of photovoltaic support

At present, photovoltaic power stations are applied in the following industries:

1. industrial park: Industrial park currently on the roof of the construction of photovoltaic power stations, photovoltaic shed is more.

2. Industrial and commercial rooftops: many commercial rooftops are equipped with photovoltaic power stations, and the number of applications is also relatively large.

3. residential community: the construction of photovoltaic shed in the community is currently a relatively hot thing, many residential property will take this into account.

4. User villas: photovoltaic power stations can be built on the roof of single-family villas, and photovoltaic power generation systems can be built on balconies and ceilings.

5. Hospital: Now many new and old hospitals will take the photovoltaic shed into consideration in the construction of new or renovated hospitals, so that the hospital land can be better utilized.

7. Agricultural greenhouses: This application mode is also known as complementary photovoltaic power station.

8. Fishing ground: The photovoltaic power station is built above the fishing ground, which can reuse the area of the fish pond.

9. Highway: The construction of photovoltaic power stations is relatively supported in China at present, so both sides of the highway and the top of the highway detection port are good industries for the application of photovoltaic power stations.

In fact, the application of photovoltaic support industry is not only the above, as long as it is said to have the construction of photovoltaic power station local industry can apply it, it is just the choice of different types of support. The photovoltaic support system can be divided into three kinds according to the layout, namely, concrete support, steel support and aluminum alloy photovoltaic support. Where are they applied?

(1) Steel bracket has stable function, sophisticated manufacturing technology, high bearing capacity and simple equipment, which has been widely used in civil and industrial solar photovoltaic and solar power stations. In the meantime, the section steel is produced by the factory, the standard is the same, the function is stable, the anti-corrosion function is excellent, the appearance is beautiful. In addition, the combined steel bracket system, its field equipment, only need to use specially described connectors will be assembled channel steel, construction speed is fast, no welding, and then ensure the integrity of the anti-corrosion layer. The disadvantage of composite steel bracket system is that the process of connecting parts is messy, the varieties are complicated, and the demand for production and description is high.

(2) Aluminum alloy bracket is usually used in the solar energy application on the roof of civil buildings. Aluminum alloy has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, light weight, beautiful and useful, and the common brand is 6063 alloy. However, due to its low bearing capacity, it cannot be used in solar power station projects. In addition, the price of aluminum alloy is higher than that of hot-dip galvanized steel.

(3) Concrete support is mainly used in large photovoltaic power stations. Because of its severity, it can only be placed in the field with a good foundation; But it's stable enough to support the most ambitious panels.

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