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Auto Cnc Machined Elevator Guide Rail Manufacturing Processing Line

This line is designed to produce various types of hollow elevator guide rails. The elevator guide rail production line has the characteristics of high accuracy and straightness, and our machines can produce different elevator guide rails according to customers' drawings.
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High Speed T89B T90B T114B Elevator Guide Rail Production Line


A guide rail production line is a manufacturing system designed to make the production of guide rails efficient and cost-effective. Guide rails are critical safety components that guide and protect vehicles on highways and other roads, especially in curves or steep slopes. They are made of different materials, including reinforced concrete, steel, and plastic. The guide rail production line is a complex system comprised of several stages that transform raw materials into finished guide rails.

Advantages of Guiderail Production Line

The guiderail production line has several advantages that make it an efficient and cost-effective method of production. Some of the benefits include:

1. High Precision: The guiderail production line is designed to produce guiderails with high precision and accuracy. This ensures that the guiderails are of high quality and meet the required standards.

2. High Productivity: The guiderail production line can produce a large number of guiderails in a short period. This makes it an efficient method of production, especially for large-scale projects.

3. Reduced Cost: The guiderail production line reduces the cost of production by reducing material wastage and labor costs.

4. Standard Quality: The guiderail production line ensures that all guiderails produced are of the same standard quality. This gives confidence in the products that they are purchasing.

Production Capacity

230400pcs/year (300days/year; 2shifts/day, 8hours/shift) based on T89B/5m

No. Description Model Qty
1 Automatic Twisting Machine ZY-ZDJNJ-II 1 set
2 Automatic Straightening Machine ZY-ZDJZJ-I 2 sets
3 Rust Removing Machine ZY-CXJ-II 1 set
4 Painting Machine ZY-YQJ-II 1 set
5 Drying Room ZY-HF-II 1 set
6 Planer ZY-B2016 3 sets
7 Chip Remover ZY-PXJ1000 1 set
8 Automatic Detection Machine ZY-ZDJCJ-I 1 set
9 Automatic Straightening Machine ZY-ZDJZJ-I 2 sets
10 Milling Machines ZY-JGSCX-II 2 sets
Female Milling Machine ZY-JGSCX-II 1 set
Male Milling Machine ZY-JGSCX-II 1 set
Drilling Machine ZY-JGSCX-II 2 sets
Double-head Countersink Drilling Machine ZY-JGSCX-II 1 set
One Conveyor Line ZY-JGSCX-II 1 set
11 Oiling And Filming Machine ZY-TYTMJ-II 1 set
12 Transverse Conveyor   (A) ZY-HYJ-II 9 sets
13 Jack traverse Converyor (B) ZY-DSJ-II 17 sets
14 Longitudinal Conveyor  (C) ZY-ZXJ-II 8 sets
15 Independent Roller ZY-DLJ-I 1 set
16 Control System
1 set




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