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Classification of cable bridge equipment

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Classification of cable bridge equipment

1. Cascade cable bridge

The cascade cable tray is improved and designed according to the relevant information at home and abroad. It has the advantages of light weight, low cost, special shape, convenient installation, heat dissipation, good ventilation and so on. It is suitable for laying large diameter cables and high and low voltage power cables.

2. Tray type cable bridge

Tray type cable tray is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, telecommunications and other fields. It has the advantages of light weight, large load, beautiful appearance, simple structure, installation and so on. It is suitable for both power cable installation and control cable laying.

3. Trough cable bridge

Trough cable tray is a fully enclosed cable tray. It is suitable for laying computer cables, communication cables, thermocouple cables and control cables of other highly sensitive systems. It has good effect on shielding interference of control cable and protection of environmental cable in heavy corrosion.

The advantages and disadvantages of the cascade type, tray type and trough type cable bridge are as follows: the cascade type cable bridge has good ventilation performance, no dust and interference. Trough type and tray type manifold bridge have the performance of dustproof and interference prevention.

4. Large span cable bridge

At present, the large span cable bridge is generally assembled by pultrusion FRP profiles. It is suitable for power cables, control cables, lighting cables and accessories. Compared with iron bridge, it has the advantages of long service life (general design life is 20 years), convenient installation and low cost, convenient cutting, no maintenance and so on.

5. Combined cable bridge

Combined cable tray is a new type of bridge, is the second generation of cable tray series products. It is suitable for laying all kinds of projects, all kinds of units and all kinds of cables. It has the characteristics of simple structure, flexible configuration, convenient installation and novel form.

As long as the combined cable bridge adopts three base types of 100, 150 and 200mm wide, it can form the cable bridge of the size you need. It does not need to produce bending, three-way and other accessories. It can be arbitrarily turned, widened, divided and led up and down according to the site installation. In any part, do not need to punch, welding can be used to lead out the pipe. It can not only facilitate engineering design, but also convenient production and transportation, more convenient installation and construction.

The above is about the classification of cable bridge equipment, and I hope to provide reference for your choice.

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