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Classification of elevator guide rail production.

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Elevators and escalators can be seen in many places. Such as shopping malls, office buildings, residential quarters, etc. But many people don't know elevator guide rail production. In this article, I will introduce some knowledge about elevator guide rail production, I hope it can help you.


l Classification of elevator guide rail production.

l Our company has elevator guide rail production.


Classification of elevator guide rail production.

The elevator guide rail production is divided into three categories: solid elevator guide rail production, counterweight hollow elevator guide rail production and escalator guide rails.

The solid elevator guide rail production is a machined guide rail, which is formed by machining the guide surface and connecting parts of the guide rail profile. Its purpose is to provide guidance for the operation of the elevator car during the operation of the elevator. The small-sized solid elevator guide rail is also used for counterweight guidance .

With the improvement of people's requirements for elevator comfort and the increase of elevator speed, high-precision elevator guide rail productions are the development direction of elevator guide rail production. High-precision elevator guide rail productions are based on ordinary elevator guide rail production to improve the accuracy of various aspects, such as the dimensional tolerance of the guide surface. , The height tolerance of the elevator guide rail production and the symmetry tolerance of the tongue and groove have been changed from the original 0.1mm to 0.05mm, and a number of end shape tolerance requirements have been increased, and the straightness and twisting requirements of the elevator guide rail production have been improved. High-precision elevator guide rail productions are guide rails used in high-speed elevators. Not only are they more accurate than ordinary elevator guide rail production, but they also eliminate the potential bending and distortion of the guide rail in the process, such as fully aging the guide rail profile before the guide surface is processed. Treatment to reduce the residual stress in the guide rail profile. Before the end size is processed and before the fine calibration, sufficient aging treatment is performed again to fully release the internal stress to reduce the guide rail bending caused by the stress after the guide rail is installed.


Our company has elevator guide rail production.

Our company (Zhang Yun Machinery) specializes in manufacturing advanced multi-material, multi-thickness, multi-shape cold bending equipment, high-frequency welded pipe equipment, special equipment for auxiliary processing of elevator guide rail production, and non-standard automated production lines. Our high-performance roll forming system can process a large number of different types of high-quality profiles. Among the products related to elevator guide rail production, there are: semi-automatic twisting machine, automatic metal processing production line, derusting machine, coating machine, manual straightening machine, planer, oiling machine, etc.


If you are satisfied with the products produced by our company's (Zhang Yun Machinery) elevator guide rail production, you can go to our company to check the products produced by elevator guide rail production, or you can also order products. Our company specializes in manufacturing cold-formed equipment, high-frequency welded pipe equipment, elevator guide rail auxiliary processing equipment and a solid pioneer in the field of non-standard automated production lines, providing users with flexible solutions that combine more advanced design concepts and laboratory instruments Detection Systems. Looking forward to your visit, I wish you success in your work.

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