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Classification of elevator rails

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Classification of elevator rails

Elevator guide rail is composed of steel rail and connecting plate of elevator components, from the cross-section shape into T shape, L shape and hollow three forms.

T-type guide is the most commonly used elevator guide in our country, which has strong generality and good bending resistance performance and processability. L type guide has low stiffness and surface accuracy, and rough surface, so it can only be used for grocery elevators and all kinds of non-manned elevators. The hollow guide rail is made of thin steel plate rolling, with higher precision than L type and certain stiffness. It is mainly used for heavy guide rail of low and express elevator without safety clamp.

Elevator rails are divided into three categories: solid rails, heavy hollow rails and escalator rails.

Solid guide rail is machined guide rail, which is made of guide rail profiles through mechanical machining guide surface and connecting parts. It is used to provide guide for car operation in elevator operation. Small specifications of solid guide rail are also used for reguide. Solid guide specifications are many, according to the weight per meter can be divided into: 8K, 13K, 18K, 24K, 30K, 50K, etc., according to the width of the guide plate can be divided into T45, T50, T70, T75, T78, T82, T89, T90, T114, T127, T140, etc.

With the improvement of people's requirements for elevator comfort and elevator speed, high-precision guide rail is the development direction of guide rail production. High-precision guide rail is to improve the accuracy of all aspects on the basis of ordinary guide rail. For example, the tolerance of guide surface size, the tolerance of guide rail height, and the tolerance of tenon and groove symmetry all change from 0.1mm to 0.05mm. And add a number of end shape and position tolerance requirements and improve the guide straightness, distortion requirements. High precision guide rail is used in high-speed elevator guide rail, not only the precision is higher than common rail, but also in the process to eliminate guide potential bending and twist deformation of factors, such as in front of the guide surface processing was carried out on the guide rail profile fully aging treatment, to reduce the residual stress in the rail profile, at the end of processing size and fine alignment before fully aging treatment again, Fully release the internal stress to reduce the rail bending caused by the stress after the rail installation.

The double-weight hollow guide rail is a cold-bending rolling guide rail, which is formed by the roll sheet through the cold bending of the multi-pass mold. It is mainly used to provide guidance for the double-weight in the operation of the elevator. The hollow guide can be divided into TK3 and TK5 according to the weight of each meter, and can be divided into straight edge and flanging according to the shape of the end face of the guide, namely TK5 and TK5A.

Escalator guide rail is a cold rolled guide rail, mainly used for supporting and guiding the steps of escalators and moving sidewalks. Each escalator enterprise uses escalator guides of various section shapes according to its own design needs, that is, it uses its own escalator guide standards.

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