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Classification of planer

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Classification of planer

Planer is a machine tool for planing the plane, groove or forming surface of the workpiece with planer.

There are many kinds of planer and many models. According to its structural characteristics, it can be roughly divided into:

Head planer is used for planing medium and small workpieces, the working length is generally not more than LM. The workpiece is clamped on an adjustable work table or clamped in the flat jaw pliers on the work table, and the linear reciprocating movement of the planer (cutting movement) and the intermittent movement of the table (feeding movement) are used for planing processing. According to the length of the workpiece can be processed, the head planer can be divided into large, medium and small three: small head planer can process the length of the workpiece within 400mm, such as B635-1 type head planer; Medium-sized shaper can process the length of 400~600mm workpiece, such as B650 shaper; Large shaper can process the length of 400~1000mm workpiece, such as B665 and B69O shaper.

Planing machine is used for cutting large workpiece planer, some planing machine can processing length of dozens of meters or dozens of meters of artifacts, such as double housing planer B2063 type, table size is 6.3 m x 20 m, for medium and small workpiece, it can be clamped in the workbench last several, you can also use several cutter planing at the same time, the productivity is high. Longmen planer is the use of the table of direct reciprocating movement (cutting) and planer intermittent movement (feeding movement) to planing processing, according to the different structure form, and divided into single arm longmen planer and double arm column longmen planer two. Gantry planer mainly processing large workpiece or processing multiple workpiece at the same time. Compared with the planer, from the structure, its shape is large, complex structure, good rigidity, from the movement of machine tools, the main movement of the planer is the straight reciprocating movement of the table, and the feed movement is the transverse or vertical intermittent movement of the planer, which is just the opposite of the movement of the planer. Driven by DC motor, and stepless speed regulation, smooth movement. All the tool rest of the planer can be translated in both horizontal and vertical directions. Longmen planer is mainly used for processing large plane, especially long and narrow plane, generally can be planed workpiece width up to 1 meters, length in 3 meters. The main parameter of the planer is the maximum planing width. The tool rest on the beam of the planer can make transverse feed movement on the beam guide rail to plane the horizontal plane of the workpiece; The side tool rest on the column can be used for vertical feed movement along the column guide rail to plane the vertical plane. The tool rest can also be deflected to plane the inclined surface. The beam can rise and fall along the column guide rail to adjust the relative position of the cutter and the workpiece. Gantry planer is mainly used for processing large parts of the plane or groove, or processing a number of medium-sized parts at the same time, especially suitable for long and narrow plane processing. The workpiece on the gantry planer is usually pressed by plate bolts. In the planer, there is a set of complex electrical equipment and route system, the movement of the table can be stepless speed regulation. Company can according to customer requirements manufacturing, and processing all kinds of non-standard types of double housing planer, CNC floor-type boring and milling machine, heavy duty horizontal milling machine, ordinary double column vertical lathe, heavy-duty horizontal lathe, numerical control beam gantry boring and milling machine, precision boring and milling machine, gantry beam gantry boring and milling machine, single arm planer, single arm planer milling machine, device configuration can be arbitrary collocation, Also can be configured according to user needs planing head, milling head, grinding head and horizontal grinding head.

Slotting machine is also called vertical planer, mainly used to process the inner surface of the workpiece. Its structure is almost exactly the same as the head planer, the difference is mainly the slotting knife in the vertical direction for linear reciprocating movement (cutting movement), the table in addition to the longitudinal and transverse direction of intermittent feeding movement, but also in the circumferential room to do intermittent rotary feeding movement. According to the different transmission mode, the planer has mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission two categories: mechanical transmission of the head planer, planer and slotting machine; Hydraulic driven shaper and slotting machine.

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