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Cold Roll Forming Machine

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Cold Roll Forming Machine

Cold roll forming machine is a manufacturing equipment used in metalworking and construction industries to produce various shapes and profiles of rolled metal sheets.  The process involves feeding a flat metal sheet strip through a series of roller dies that progressively shape it into the desired profile. 

The machine typically consists of several components, including a decoiler or uncoiler, a feeder, leveling equipment, roll forming unit, cutting device, and a stacking system.  The decoiler is used to unwind the metal coil, and the feeder feeds the sheet into the roll forming unit.  The leveling equipment is used to flatten the sheet, ensuring a smooth and even surface for the roll forming process. 

The roll forming unit consists of a series of rollers that shape the sheet into the desired profile.  The cutting device cuts the sheet to the required length, and the stacking system stacks the finished product.  The machine is computer-controlled, and adjustable settings can be made to achieve different dimensions and shapes of the final product. 

Cold roll forming machines are used to produce a wide range of products, including automotive parts, roofing materials, piping systems, shelving units, steel doors, and window frames.  The process allows for fast and precise production of complex shapes and profiles, making it a popular manufacturing method in various industries.

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