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Cold bending machine added lubricant benefits​

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Cold bending machine added lubricant benefits

No matter what equipment, as long as there is mechanical movement, friction will occur, so we need to add lubricant for lubrication, so what are the benefits of adding lubricant to the cold bending machine?

1. Reduce friction coefficient. Adding lubricant can reduce friction caused by mechanical movement, reduce friction loss between parts, but also play a role in protecting equipment, can prolong the service life, reduce functional loss, change the operation characteristics of equipment.

2. Prevent corrosion and protect metal surface. Lubricating oil can separate moisture, oxygen and harmful substances in the humid air erosion, can also avoid the leakage of the medium inside, grease can also not appear water wet, dust, impurities invasion friction.

3. Reduce wear and tear. Friction movement will produce abrasive particles, and external impurities, dust and sand will aggravate the wear of the friction surface, forced liquid circulation lubrication can take away the abrasive particles, reduce or avoid wear.

4. Lower the temperature. Through the use of lubricating oil, there will be no sharp friction after the phenomenon of parts temperature increase, can reduce friction, also will not occur due to friction caused by burning rubber sealing ring or bearing bush and other accidents.

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