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Common problems before the application of cold bending machine

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Common problems before the application of cold bending machine

In the application of cold bending machine before the common problems should ensure very advance preparation. The following brief introduction, general attention to the key point what?

Before the first application, we must choose a flat cabinet table to carry out the placement, to ensure that the equipment to avoid stability, and then open the main box foot, and easy to carry out observation. Then insert the power plug into the control panel, and carry out rotation and grasp. Second, one end of the power plug into the master box behind the control panel, in addition to the end of the switch power supply, and the general application of single-phase electric three-line switching power supply, then open the power switch after the master box, in accordance with a certain way to carry out the actual operation, and adjust to a certain value. Later, until the bright green indicator lights up, and there is a reminder sound, then the next work starts to carry out the sealing work, then check the quality of the seal, according to different materials to carry out the actual operation, to ensure the best quality of the seal.

Mandatory maintenance of cold bend forming machine is of great importance: all excellent industrial equipment maintenance is a very important step that could increase from all application of cold bend forming machine cycle time, use, maintenance and repair of cold bending forming machinery total service life of the vast majority, also for cold bending forming machine produced to ensure give full play to their practical value.

Cold bending machine engineering construction bill of quantities, daily tasks complex, high project investment, rush period and has a strong cyclical, mandatory maintenance of cold bending machine is very necessary, mandatory maintenance for long-term field operations, difficult environment equipment is very important. According to the general growth of the common fault analysis, 56% of the cold bending machine is based on the problem caused by the fear of maintenance, 38% is on time maintenance error, 6% is caused by wrong operation, therefore, mandatory maintenance of cold bending machine is necessary.

Why do you want to do a good job of the lubrication of cold drawing forming equipment: RunHua in accordance with the time is not for intermittent lubrication and sustainable lubrication, according to the daily maintenance, and if the device does not work, you need to change a rectified for oil can, but if the equipment after operation, the second and third lubrication time period shall be twenty to thirty days in the middle, time don't have to be space for a long time. In the operation of the equipment, we should pay attention to the operation of the spindle bearing, the fuel injector is not oil, in case of common faults should be immediately terminated maintenance. And if the car fuel tank is not clean, it is not possible to use other oil or recycled oil, in order to prevent the damage to the rolling bearing. In a word, the operation of a device is carried out by the mutual cooperation of several components, so do a good job in the usual lubrication work is also to better make the cold drawing forming equipment stronger operation, so as to improve the work efficiency.

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