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Composition and working principle of highway guardrail board equipment

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Composition and working principle of highway guardrail board equipment

Highway guardrail plate is composed of two corrugated steel guardrail plate and two column fixed clip between the two, two column fixed clip installed between two corrugated steel guardrail plate. In the normal operation of the highway, the guardrail can be easily inserted into the plug hole set in advance at the opening by the plug column, which plays an isolation and protection role. At the same time, it echoes the guardrail belt on the highway outside, neat and uniform, and beautiful supporting.

When the vehicle collides with it, the corrugated steel guardrail has good crashworthiness and energy absorption, which is not easy to be destroyed by the collision, but also can play a good protection role for the vehicle and the driver and passenger. When road maintenance or other reasons need to pass, the opening of each group of guardrail column can be easily pulled out and removed, open up a channel, convenient for vehicles to pass.

Highway guardrail equipment equipment includes: the whole machine, PLC computer control system, C steel machine system, automatic after shearing system. The equipment is composed of double cone passive feeder, leveling part, punching part, forming part, cutting part and other parts.

Working principle:

Before the roller forming, but also send the highway guardrail equipment plate, roller forming part is driven by the motor, the power source is the hydraulic pump, and then driven by the chain of the roller rotation, the expressway guardrail equipment plate, rolled into a variety of specifications tile type, pressure part is the hydraulic cylinder to drive the mold up and down, Highway guardrail equipment can be pressed into many sections, shaped like glazed tiles. The shear part is driven by the hydraulic cylinder cutting tool up and down, can cut off the color steel tile. In order to make the strip better bitten by the roller, we must cut off the irregular parts of the strip before it is formed. Here the use of old punch to shear can be. The most important consideration is that the raw material preparation process is compatible with continuous strip steel. As for strip steel, remember not to forget to unroll and correct it before forming.

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