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Composition and working principle of highway guardrail plate equipment

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Composition and working principle of highway guardrail plate equipment

Highway guardrail equipment includes: whole machine, PLC computer control system, C type steel machine system, automatic post-shearing system. The equipment is composed of two cone type passive feeder, leveling part, punching part, forming part, cutting part and other parts. High-speed guardrail molding machine is a hydraulic press used to shape and press the rough tile blank after being extruded and cut by vacuum screw extruder when wet glazed tile is produced. The products produced by high-speed guardrail plate equipment have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, heavy bearing and good seismic resistance, which are widely used in the field of multi-high-rise steel structure construction.

Working principle:

The roller forming part is driven by the motor, and the power source is the hydraulic pump. Then the roller is driven by the chain to rotate, and then the roller is gripped by the highway guardrail equipment plate, rolling and bending into various specifications of the tiles. The pressing part is the hydraulic cylinder to drive the mold to move up and down, which can press the highway guardrail equipment into many sections. It looks like glazed tile. Shear part is hydraulic cylinder drive tool up and down, can cut off the color steel tile. In order to make the strip better caught by the roller, we must cut off the irregular part of the strip before forming it. The old punch press is used here for punching and shearing. The most important consideration is that the feedstock preparation process is coordinated with continuous strip steel. The coil of strip steel, before forming, remember not to forget to uncoil and correct it.

The use of high-speed guardrail molding machine, the highway management level is greatly improved, reduce the frequency of traffic accidents, in a great extent to protect the safety of the highway, the highway high management level has been realized.

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