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Design characteristics of roll of cold bending equipment

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Design characteristics of roll of cold bending equipment

The main part of the cold bending equipment is the roll. For the design of the roll is very important, its design features are as follows:

1. The principle of average force of each pass of cold bending forming equipment, the average force of rollers, balanced wear, increase the service life of rollers.

2. Roll material is the use of its wear resistance, but the specific strength and hardness is contradictory, heat treatment to use C12MoV red hard, after quenching, two to three times tempering to achieve hardness.

3. The circular arc part of the track is the main part of the cold bending forming equipment. The circular arc position after the first few lines of molding should protect the bundle through the upper and lower rollers or horizontal wheels when the folded edge is rolled. Otherwise, the material will change in the process of tensile arc, R becomes triangular, shape R becomes larger, with the rail to produce shaking, uneven force, slide deformation, reduce the service life.

4. Rolling stability problem, production often encountered material in the raceway left and right yaw problem, in fact, a single group of rollers by asymmetry, the left side of the force, material to the right yaw; The force on the right side is large, and the material swings to the left.

The basic principle of the straightening mechanism, for the profile with side bending, warping and other defects, through the straightening mechanism along the opposite direction of the ten best enough pressure, so that it produces permanent deformation. If the amount of deformation in the opposite direction is appropriate, the profile can be completely straightened after springback. If the shaped section is distorted in one direction, the straightening mechanism rotates the section in the opposite direction, resulting in permanent plastic deformation. If the rotation Angle is appropriate, after the rebound, the profile will no longer twist. Straightening of a bend or twist is usually done between the final forming roll and the cutting die. If the final roll does not support the section effectively, the entire section must be supported when entering one side of the straightening mechanism. The straightening of asymmetric profiles is that torsion deformation may occur at the same time of straightening. At this time, bending and torsion straightening are needed at the same time in the opposite direction of the profile deformation. In the straightening process, the profile will move up and down, so that the clearance between the straightening mechanism and the profile should be relatively loose. There may be a certain clearance between the straightening mechanism and the surface of the profile.

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