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Development history of cold bending machine in China

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Development history of cold bending machine in China

Nowadays, in the rapidly developing society, cold bending machine has been widely used. The application of cold bending machine provides better service and convenience for people's life.

In terms of the current situation, the use of more and more cold bending machine, some of the advantages of cold bending machine is more and more accepted by people, all the way through numerous twists and turns and hardships, from the last century in the 1950s began to build cold bending unit, to the end of the 1970s in the country only six factories. Cold bending machine is widely used in various fields of national economy, through the mold galvanized sheet and other materials extrusion molding, keel machine, shelf machine, buckle plate machine and so on. Widely used. Conventional molding after all need to cut off, most of the relatively thin, such as: door frame batten gusset is the use of hydraulic knife thrust, or cut by cutting machine.

Roll forming factory, in our country, since the 50 s to start building the cold units, experienced a tortuous process of development, adjustment, only six, in the late 70 s, 80 s of cold bending steel rapid development in our country, to the 1982 annual output of 16000 tons, roll forming machine company, in 1989, the country more than 20 manufacturers, production development to more than 30, ten thousand tons, The design capacity has reached more than 600,000 tons, including 14 key metallurgical system plants, 45 sets of units, cold-formed steel varieties and specifications are also increasing, now has reached more than 800 kinds. Under the favorable form of reform and opening up, the national economic construction has put forward new requirements for steel varieties and quality, and the advantages of cold-formed steel are gradually recognized and accepted by people, and the production of cold-formed steel equipment has achieved great development.

So far, the cold bending machine has a lot of room for development. The work, the required cold bending processing of steel by the auxiliary system of gantry bracket in between two driving roller, start the hydraulic system the hydraulic steel dovetail groove and cold bending roller cold steel, to meet the design need radian closed when the hydraulic system, start the mechanical transmission system, the driving roller rotation and rely on the friction drive steel smooth slowly, So as to realize continuous cold bending operation. At the end of the cold bend, turn off the mechanical transmission system, and at the same time start the hydraulic system, so that the hydraulic cylinder back. Place the cold-formed steel on the portal bracket of the auxiliary system. This kind of cold bending operation ensures the strength of material, improves the quality of supporting steel arch, greatly improves the working efficiency, simple and clear operation. Compared with the press, the cold bending machine has better performance. At present, cold bending machine is mainly used in light steel industrial building components, which is also very popular in the market.

Cold bending machine has made great improvement both in production efficiency and in the improvement of product quality, and will go farther and farther in the future.

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