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Development of cold bending machine in China

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Development of cold bending machine in China

Cold bending equipment originated in the 1950s and 1960s, more applications in agricultural machinery, to the 1980s, manufacturers expanded to east China, North China, northeast and other regions, but are limited to small and medium-sized cold bending machines, fewer specifications; In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the technical equipment level of domestic cold bending equipment manufacturers, cold bending machine market space.

Chinese enterprises have been focusing on the research and development of environmental protection equipment, and environmental management awareness will become an important mainstream in China in the next few years. In the development trend of environmental protection technology and equipment, it is an important industry in China, and basically plays a very important role in strategy. The productivity of cold bending equipment is the most important, which can directly affect the development level of China's manufacturing industry.

As foreign cold-formed steel varieties and specifications are generally 8000-10000 kinds, alloyed steel accounts for 50-70%, therefore, China's cold-formed steel type development space is very large. It is expected that the future development direction of cold bending unit industry is to improve the mold and equipment, improve the material characteristics, study the position of rolling mill shaft, improve product standards and product design, deflection and material deformation. In short, cold bending equipment products will be more and more rich, I believe that with the development of industry, cold bending unit single product era will be gone forever.

Domestic cold bending forming equipment manufacturer's technical equipment level, continuously improve the enterprise combining with their own factories, through independent research and development or the introduction of foreign advanced equipment, make oneself of the rising level of equipment, continuously improve production technology, constantly improve the technical ability, prompting a group of high speed rolling mill, scale, efficiently, intensive is gradually carried out, Then realize the goal of producing high quality products with high efficiency.

The steady growth of downstream cold-formed steel industry, the continuous development of new application fields, and the continuous increase of cold-formed steel to the replacement of traditional steel, the rapid growth of cold-formed steel demand, which has laid a foundation for the cold-formed forming equipment industry to achieve the transformation from development to growth. In addition, with the development of modern industrial technology, prefabricated buildings are rapidly spread around the world due to their fast construction speed, small climate constraints, labor savings and improved construction quality. Cold-formed steel equipment is the core of prefabricated building system, and with the wide application of prefabricated building, cold-formed forming equipment industry has ushered in the opportunity of vigorous development.

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