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Drawer guide cold bending machine
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Development status of cold bending machine in China

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Development status of cold bending machine in China

In view of the severe situation of the steel market at present, in order to adjust the product variety structure, stabilize production, improve equipment accuracy, and reduce energy and raw material consumption, the general plant seized the opportunity of medium repair of small H-beam steel production line to carry out relevant technical transformation of equipment. Ceiling keel machine with light steel keel is better: because the wooden keel is easy to deformation, easy to corrosion, easy to moth, flammable, poor moisture resistance, hidden trouble at the joint. The light steel keel has the characteristics of light weight, large stiffness, fire prevention and not easy to deform. Light steel keel should be more expensive than wooden keel on price of course.

A keel machine automatic uncoiler, which comprises: a frame, for a body; The motor is mounted on the platform of the frame; The clutch device is installed on one side of the motor and the platform of the frame; A single bar shaft, extending through the frame and parallel with the shaft end of the motor is fixed on the frame; A fastening device is installed at one end of the screw shaft; A sprocket is arranged at the other end of the lead screw shaft; A clutch shaft, one end through the clutch device, the other end is connected with a sprocket, between the sprocket is connected with a chain; The utility model has reasonable structure, effectively reduces labor intensity and is suitable for continuous operation of assembly line.

The main points of the demand of color steel tile press are mainly concentrated in large, heavy and other high-end products. Although the import quantity and import amount of gold plus and gold cut in 2007 declined, the growth rate of processing points and milling machines is still positive, showing that China's demand for high-end machine tools is still very strong. In order to meet the needs of the market, China's machine tool enterprises have greatly improved the ability of research and innovation, product structure has been further optimized, and market competitiveness has been further enhanced. In terms of market share, domestic share finally accounted for more than 50% of China's tile press market share, reaching 57.4%, is a breakthrough in 2001. Future space is still very big of Chinese machine replace imported from the point of specific products, can be seen from the above, tile press market capacity in the import and export of large lathe deficit amount is not large, shows that China's own production lathe has been basically can meet the demand of their consumption, replace the imported process has ended, and has set up a batch export; And key points of processing, grinding machine, special machine tool import and export trade deficit amount is quite big, and the overall metal-cutting machine tool and reduce the case of most products, processing and midpoint, milling machine imports are still growing, so our points for processing, milling machine, grinding machine, special machine tools such as the demand for high-end products is quite strong, With the improvement of domestic enterprises' comprehensive capabilities such as technological strength, independent research and development strength and creative ability, these high-end products will become the key points of import substitution.

China's industrial upgrading, and so did the C section steel machine industry product structure upgrade, now the metal-cutting machine tool products in our country has been completed by the light of the primary type of machine tool products, such as lathe to heavy industrial age required high precision, high stability of the product (e.g., key points of processing, grinding machine, milling machine, special machine tools) and other products. 

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