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Economic benefits brought by cold bending equipment for people

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Economic benefits brought by cold bending equipment for people

Cold bending equipment now has a good application in all industries, bringing significant benefits.

People will use steel to make many products, but these products are not the same shape, in the manufacture of the steel needs to change the shape of the product, sometimes need to bend the steel, then use cold bending equipment. But the steel plant in the manufacture of steel, steel only to do several shapes of steel, the number of steel shapes is small, and the shape is relatively simple, the steel plant will not make steel into a lot of complex shapes, because it will increase the cost, the cost of making simple shapes is relatively low.

At present, the various shipbuilding factory equipment is quite backward, and technical reconstruction task, in addition to the requirements generally large, heavy and super-heavy CNC machine, also needs large, heavy and super-heavy five axes linkage gantry milling machine, surface piecewise line (automatic bending plate, automatic processing, automatic assembly), intelligent material processing production line, CNC frame and pipe cold bending machine and other high-tech machine tools.

In major industry, the use of cold bending also has its great role, for some precision instruments, all need this machine to achieve. Today, in addition to the demand for large, heavy, super heavy CNC machine tools, there are large, heavy, super heavy precision CNC machine tools, multi-axis CNC machine tools, special CNC machine tools, compound CNC machine tools, etc. At present, China has a large number of major equipment

Relying on imports, the country has decided to change this situation vigorously, so the heavy and large equipment manufacturing industry will get key investment.

The start-up of engineering machinery equipment and cold bending machine bring certain economic benefits. The cold bending equipment produced by the company will continue to improve and provide more convenience for people's life.

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