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Elevator guide rail processing production line

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Elevator guide rail processing production line

Elevator guide rail is usually made of cold bending, so the elevator guide equipment is mainly composed of feeding machine, leveling, forming host, cutting machine, receiving table, electrical control cabinet and other components. Elevator rail production line is composed of many processing machinery, mainly automatic straightening machine, automatic torsion machine, dragon plane processing production line, drying room, straight line detection machine, automatic gold processing logistics line, oiling film line, etc.

Three kinds of elevator guide rails produced by elevator guide equipment are T elevator guide, L guide and hollow guide. Among them, T type elevator guide is the most commonly used elevator guide in China. With the improvement of people's requirements for elevator comfort and the improvement of elevator speed, high-precision T type guide is the development direction of guide production. High-precision T type guide is to improve the accuracy of all aspects on the basis of ordinary guide. Moreover, the requirements of end shape and position tolerance are increased and the requirements of straightness and distortion of guide rail are improved. Its versatility is strong, and has good bending resistance and machinability. In contrast, L-type guide rail stiffness and surface accuracy are lower, and the surface is rough, so it can only be used for sundry elevators and all kinds of non-manned elevators. Hollow guide is made of thin steel plate rolling, the accuracy is higher than L type, there is a certain stiffness, mostly used for the low weight without safety clamp, express elevator to heavy guide.

The company mainly carries out T type guide rail, the work flow is feeding, derusting machine, straightening, painting, drying, dragon plane, straightening detection, gold processing equipment and logistics, coding, paint, oiling, film, packaging, etc. If you are interested in our elevator guide production products, welcome to consult!

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