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Gantry planer

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Gantry Planer

Gantry planer is mainly used for planing large workpiece, can also be installed on the workbench clamping multiple parts at the same time processing, is the industrial mother machine. The table of the gantry planer carries the workpiece through the portal frame for linear reciprocating motion, and the speed of the empty stroke is greater than the speed of the working stroke. The cross beam is generally equipped with two vertical tool holders. The slide seat of the tool holder can rotate an Angle in the vertical plane and make transverse feeding movement along the cross beam.

A planer with a portal frame and a long horizontal bed.

Planer knife can make vertical or oblique feeding movement on the tool holder; The beam can be adjusted up and down on the two columns. Generally in the two columns can also be installed along the column up and down the side tool rest, in order to expand the range of processing table can be used to lift the knife back, so as not to scratch the workpiece surface. The machine tool table can be driven by generator - motor unit or by SCR DC speed regulation, speed regulation range is larger, at low speed can also get a larger driving force. Some longmen planer also attached with milling head and grinding head, variant for longmen planer milling machine and longmen planer milling and grinding machine, the table can make fast main movement, also can make slow feed movement, mainly used for heavy workpiece in one installation of planing, milling and grinding plane processing.

Planer since 1953, after continuous technical improvement, not only high processing efficiency, but also stable and reliable processing quality. After continuous improvement and perfection, CNC system has real-time machining control, graphic automatic programming, complex curve and list curve fitting, programming, tool wear compensation, automatic tool matching, simulation and machining track tracking display and other functions. The planer system is not only suitable for nc transformation of small gantry planer, but also for NC transformation of other forms of planer.

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