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High frequency pipe welding machine

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High frequency pipe welding machine

High frequency welded pipe is hot rolled coil after forming machine, the skin effect and proximity effect of high frequency current are used to heat and melt the edge of tube blank, and pressure welding is carried out under the action of extrusion roller to realize production. At present, most consumers judge the quality of high-frequency pipe welding machine from the price, but the price is only an indicator in the process of buying products or services, if only comparing prices, in fact, it is not so thoughtful. Consider the price factor at the same time, quality, service, word of mouth and so on are appropriate for their own situation need to consider together. This paper analyzes it from the following aspects.

1.the stability of carbon steel welded pipe equipment! Many people wonder what productivity has to do with it, and yes, stability is one of them. Stable carbon steel welded pipe equipment, reduce maintenance rate, in order to improve production efficiency, improve the rate of finished product.

2. the professional technology of the master! Professional machine technology is also the influence factor of high yield. Excellent master can adjust the accuracy of the machine, greatly reduce the time cost and production cost.

3. the quality of accessories roll mold! Roller die as a decision of carbon steel tube specifications and shape of the accessories, its hardness and material is also a major factor affecting the quality of carbon steel.

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