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High speed guardrail forming machine processing molding

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High speed guardrail forming machine processing molding

Guardrail plate forming machine is a machine for material processing equipment, guardrail plate forming machine equipment operation, some parts are even itself can be carried out various forms of mechanical motion, machinery and equipment by the drive device, transmission device, transmission device and working device, brake device, protective gear, lubrication system and cooling system, etc.

The highway guardrail is composed of corrugated steel guardrail and the column between them, and the two columns are located between the two corrugated steel guardrail. Corrugated steel guardrail plate is the main form of the semi-rigid guardrail, highway guardrail plate and utilization of soil base, column, beam deformation to absorb the energy of the vehicle collision, forcing the vehicle to change direction, prevent the vehicle out, at the same time can also play a protective role for vehicles and the car personnel, reduce the loss caused by accidents.

According to the characteristics of the use of highway guardrail, material and other characteristics, users can choose highway guardrail forming hydraulic press, usually choose 315 tons, 400 tons, 500 tons of metal cold forming hydraulic press, with the mold can achieve a stamping molding of highway guardrail, high processing efficiency.

Belong to product of cold bending steel highway guardrail plate, corrugated shape barrier has a strong ability to absorb collision energy, has a good line of sight induction function, damage is easy to change, have anticorrosive, prevent aging, sun resistance, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistance and other characteristics, the outdoor service life can reach 10 to 25 years, can be divided into two types, one is double difform fence panels, The other is the three-wave guardrail plate.

Highway guardrail plate forming hydraulic press production line dedicated to a highway guardrail forming, bridge with corrugated steel web plate, waveform bridge panel and other large panel of cold pressing molding process, the equipment through the linkage plate beam with rigid connection, with their respective cartridge valve and hydraulic oil pump control, ensure the activity crossbeam of synchronous operation, At the same time, the corrugated guardrail plate is pressed with high molding efficiency and accurate size of the corrugated plate.

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