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How to judge the pri​ce of cold bending machine

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 How to judge the price of cold bending machine

Cold bending machine is mainly composed of six parts: base, mechanical transmission, cold bending system, hydraulic system, electrical control system and auxiliary system. There is no significant breakthrough in cold bending process, the main reason is still to stay in the level of inexperience. But with the rapid development of science and technology, many engineering software has been published, so that the research of cold bending machine has a new method.

1. Degree of automation. The higher the degree of automation, the higher the value of the equipment, manual operation of the equipment must be lower value. More automated devices are not only easy to use, but many parameter Settings can be easily done in a short time, while manual devices need to be adjusted slowly.

2. Complexity of machines. That is, you need to customize the complexity of the product profile, if you want to produce the profile is more complex, then the need to customize the cold bending machine is more complex, the number of rolls needed, the need to produce the cycle is longer, to debug the time will be longer, after-sales problems will be more and more trouble. The more sophisticated the machine, the higher the price, precision means precision, high precision, produce more sophisticated products.

3 customized profile size, if a small material, then the need to customize the cold bending machine is relatively small, roller with less material, the whole machine will be relatively small, the steel and all aspects of the configuration will be smaller. The machine price is relatively low, on the contrary, the price of the machine will depend on the size of the profile you want to customize and increase the cost accordingly.

4. Brand. Brand influence is big, but the price of big brand must be higher.

5. Materials. There are good and bad mechanical materials, and good materials are very useful for both the durability of the machine and the controllable range of the product processing process, so good materials are naturally expensive.

6. After-sales service. Mechanical equipment is different from consumer goods, which are bought to the end and rarely have after-sale problems. But machinery is different, maintenance, repair, use are inseparable from after-sales service. The quality of after-sales service also affects the price of machinery. So the cost of good service goes up and the total price goes up.

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