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Industry policy prospect and future development prospect of cold bending machine

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Industry policy prospect and future development prospect of cold bending machine

The policy will continue to be conducive to the development of the cold press industry

Policy is an important driver. With the acceleration of the unification process and the support of refined management requirements, the demand is expected to usher in rapid release: at the same time, the Internet + cold press, big data and intelligent application have entered the substantive landing stage, and the innovation business is clearer: the model is optimized, the system complexity is greatly improved, and the leading edge is more obvious. Industry concentration is expected to accelerate, with high-quality companies becoming stronger. With a substantial increase in industry margins and increasing concentration, we believe the cold bending industry has a promising future.

The industrial policy system is becoming more and more perfect

In recent years, domestic cold press industry development, industry promotion, market supervision and other important links of the macro policy environment is improving day by day.

Market size and industry prospect

With the rapid growth of the market size and the obvious increase of policy support, the heat of the primary market of cold bending machine is also increasing.

With the acceleration of China's urbanization process, social stability, urban security and other problems gradually emerge. The continuous breakthrough of cold bending machine technology is more and more widely used in People's Daily life and work. The relative maturity of cold bending machine makes the field of promotion expand constantly, which marks the arrival of the era of comprehensive application of cold bending machine. With the deepening of applications in various industries and departments, the personalized and diversified needs of users are increasingly rich. Professional subdivision will become the general trend of cold - bender - related project construction. In the future, the Internet will have a profound impact on cold bending machines. With cold press electronic commerce will develop rapidly. The industry has established a cold bender quality and safety big data and Internet supervision technology platform to effectively monitor cold bender quality and important safety indicators in real time, to achieve a close connection between the cold bender before, during and after supervision. We will continue to support the integration of the cold bending industry with the Internet and other industries to develop new models and new business forms of the cold bending industry.

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