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Industry prospects of cold bending equipment

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Industry prospects of cold bending equipment

1. cold forming special equipment industry overview

Cold bending forming equipment, it is composed of host, looping, uncoiler, high-frequency welding, baling machine, flying saw straightening machine, cold check forming is through the sequence of multi channel forming car series, the coil strip and other metal plate with continuous horizontal check, to make a specific section of the plastic processing technology.

(1) Overview of global cold bending equipment industry development

Cold bending forming equipment is a multi-pass forming roller in sequence configuration, which can bend the plate horizontally and process high added value products with good mechanical properties, high dimensional accuracy and high surface quality. Cold forming technology is a material - saving, energy - saving, high - efficiency metal forming process.

Foreign cold bending technology has a history of more than 100 years, which can be roughly divided into three stages.

The first stage (1838-1909) is the exploration and trial production stage. In this stage, the research of roll forming theory and cold checking section steel progress slowly. With the rapid development of industrial transportation industry, the cold forming steel produced by roll forming process can no longer meet the requirements of users.

The second stage (1910-1959) is the stage of establishing and gradually spreading the roller cold bending process.

The third stage (1960 to present) is the rapid development of roll forming production stage. At present, the foreign cold bending molding process is constantly improved, cold bending CAD commercial software is more mature, but its price is high, the design process is complicated, the design theory, the process of technical blockade, can not limited to solve the production problems of domestic steel plate processing manufacturers, also can not completely change the production situation of our manufacturers.

(2) Overview of the development of Cold bending machine equipment industry in China

In recent years, with the number of cold bending forming and in-depth study, the main process technology and equipment level of cold bending forming in China has entered advanced ranks, has produced the four roller shaping, flexible cold bending forming, the CAT, "roll" hole processing method of new cold bending forming process, to realize the cold bending steel industry rapid development has laid a solid foundation.

As each enterprise combined with its own actual situation, through independent research and development, or the introduction of advanced foreign technology, makes equipment and technical level of enterprises, and improve the domestic technical equipment level of cold-formed molding equipment manufacturer, continuously improve production technology, constantly improve the technical ability, prompting a group of high speed rolling mill, Scale, efficiency and intensification are gradually carried out, and then achieve the goal of producing high-quality products with high efficiency.

With the continuous improvement of technology, it is inevitable to produce beautiful appearance, environmental protection, energy saving, economic and practical, easy installation of cold formed steel. There is great room for the development of cold formed steel in China. It is expected that the future development direction of cold bending unit industry is to improve the mold and equipment, improve the material characteristics, study the position of rolling mill shaft, improve product standards and product design, deflection and material deformation. In short, cold bending equipment products will be more and more rich, I believe that with the development of industry, cold bending unit single product era will be gone forever. With the development of modern science and technology, China's cold bending equipment will be more and more advanced.

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