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Introduction of Furniture Profile Cold Bending Machine

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In the furniture industry, furniture profile bending machines are often used to manufacture materials for furniture equipment. However, some people do not understand the cold bending machine for furniture profiles. In this article, we will give a certain introduction to the furniture profile cold bending machine, hope it will be helpful to you.

  • Introduction of furniture profile cold bending machine.

  • Our company owns furniture profile cold bending machine products.

Introduction of furniture profile cold bending machine.

The cold bending machine for furniture profiles is a kind of cold bending machine. The cold bending forming machine is a machine that continuously bends metal plates such as coils, strips and other metal sheets to form a plastic processing process for specific cross-section profiles through sequential multi-pass forming rolls. The automobile profile cold bending machine is composed of the cold bending machine body, hydraulic device and its attached conveying roller and control device. In addition, according to the needs of the operation, trolleys and roller conveyors can be arranged on the left and right sides of the cold bending machine. The console is mobile, which can be moved freely to the most convenient place for work to realize remote operation and all operations are done with buttons. When bending, you can watch the pre-drawn profile line on the profile steel while manipulating the buttons to bend accurately. Since the buttons are all inching, the action will stop as soon as the finger leaves the button.

When working, the required cold-formed section steel is pushed by the door bracket of the auxiliary system between the two active rollers, and the hydraulic system is activated to make the hydraulic cylinder push the dovetail groove and cold-formed roller cold-formed section steel until the design requirements are reached Turn off the hydraulic system and start the mechanical transmission system in the arc, so that the active roller rotates and the section steel is driven by friction to move forward steadily and slowly, so as to realize continuous cold bending operation.

Our company owns cold bending machine for furniture profiles products.

Our company (Zhang Yun Machinery) specializes in the development and manufacture of advanced multi-material, multi-thickness, multi-shape cold bending forming machines, high-frequency welded pipe equipment, special equipment for auxiliary processing of elevator guide rails, and non-standard automated production lines. Our high-performance roll forming system can process a large number of different types of high-quality profiles. Our company specializes in manufacturing cold-formed machines, high-frequency welded pipe equipment, elevator guide rail auxiliary processing equipment and a solid pioneer in the field of non-standard automated production lines, providing users with flexible solutions that combine more advanced design concepts and laboratories Instrument detection system.

If you are more interested in the products of our company (Zhang Yun Machinery), you can go to our company to check the products of the cold bending forming machine, or you can make a reservation for the cold bending forming machine. Looking forward to your visit, I wish you success in your work.

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