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Introduction of elevator guide rail production

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Elevators and escalators can be seen everywhere in major shopping malls, residential buildings, and office buildings. So how is the elevator produced? In this article, we will mainly introduce some knowledge of elevator guide rail production. I hope it will be helpful to you who browsed this article.

l Introduction of elevator guide rail production.

l Elevator guide rail production owned by the company.

Introduction of elevator guide rail production.

Elevator guide rails are elevator components composed of steel rails and connecting plates, which are divided into car guide rails and counterweight guide rails. From the cross-sectional shape, it is divided into three forms: T-shaped, L-shaped and Hollow Guide Rail Production Line. While playing a guiding role, the guide rail bears the impact force of the car and elevator during braking, and the impact force of emergency braking by the safety gear. The magnitude of these forces is related to the load and speed of the elevator, so guide rails should be selected according to the speed and load of the elevator. It is usually called the car guide rail as the main rail and the counterweight guide rail as the secondary rail.

The Elevator Guide Rail Making Line is a safe rail for the elevator to travel up and down in the hoistway. The guide rail is installed on the hoistway wall and is fixedly connected to the hoistway wall by the guide rail frame and the guide rail bracket. The guide rail commonly used in elevators is a "T"-shaped guide rail. Features such as strong rigidity, high reliability, safety and low cost. The guide rail plane must be smooth, without obvious uneven surface. Since the guide rail is the shuttle rail of the guide shoe and the safety gear on the elevator car, the clearance must be ensured during installation. At the same time, the guide rail has to bear the responsibility of stopping the elevator when the elevator has an overspeed accident, so its rigidity cannot be ignored.

It can be seen from the definition of the guide rail that the guide rail is an important reference component of vertical elevators, escalators, and moving walks. It controls the running trajectory of elevator cars, escalators and moving walks to ensure the transmission of operating signals. It also involves elevator safety. And an important part of operation quality.

Elevator guide rail production owned by the company.

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