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Is the PV bracket steel or aluminum

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Is the PV bracket steel or aluminum

Solar photovoltaic bracket is a special bracket designed for placing, installing and fixing solar panels in the solar photovoltaic power generation system. General material has aluminum alloy, carbon steel and stainless steel. Solar support system related products are made of carbon steel and stainless steel, the surface of carbon steel is hot-dip galvanized treatment, outdoor use for 30 years without rust.

The material of photovoltaic scaffold is generally made of steel or aluminum or a mixture of both. Then many people will ask which material is better. This paper makes a comparative analysis of the material of photovoltaic scaffold in view of this problem:

First, material strength: the strength of steel is better than aluminum, generally in strong wind areas, large span, steel is better than aluminum.

Two, deflection deformation: the deformation of the structure and the shape of the profile size, elastic modulus, under the same conditions, aluminum alloy profile deformation is 2.9 times of steel, weight is 35% of steel, cost under the same weight, aluminum is 3 times of steel, steel is better than aluminum.

Three, corrosion prevention: aluminum alloy in the atmospheric environment, in the passivation zone, the surface of the formation of a layer of dense oxide film, hinder the surface of the active aluminum matrix and the surrounding atmosphere contact, so it has good corrosion resistance, and the corrosion rate decreases with the increase of time. Steel IN ordinary conditions, the degree of corrosion is better, but in high humidity industrial areas or high salinity coastal or even temperate seawater corrosion speed, and need annual regular maintenance. So anticorrosive aluminum is better than steel.

Four, other aspects of comparison:

1. Appearance: there are many kinds of surface treatment of aluminum alloy profiles, such as anodic oxidation, chemical polishing, fluorocarbon spraying, electrophoresis coating and so on. Beautiful appearance, can adapt to a variety of corrosive environment. Steel is generally hot galvanized, steel spraying, paint coating. Appearance is inferior to aluminum alloy profile. It is also less resistant to corrosion than aluminum profiles.

2 section diversity: the general processing methods of aluminum alloy profiles are extrusion, casting, bending, stamping and so on. Extrusion production is the mainstream production mode at present. By opening the extrusion die, any profile of any cross section can be produced relatively quickly. Steel is generally rolled, cast, bent and stamped. At present, rolling is the mainstream production method of cold formed steel. The section needs to be adjusted by the roller set. The rolling production mode is relatively fixed and the production speed is relatively fast.

Five, comprehensive performance comparison:

1. Aluminum alloy profile has light weight, beautiful appearance and excellent anti-corrosion performance. It is generally used in roof power station with load-bearing requirements and strong corrosive environment. For example, the power station of chemical plant, make bracket effect with aluminum alloy better.

2. The strong height of steel has small deflection deformation under load, which is generally used in power stations or parts with large stress.

3. Cost: the general basic wind pressure is 0.6kN/m2, span is less than 2m, the cost of aluminum alloy support is 1.3-1.5 times that of steel structure support. In the small span system (such as color steel roof), the cost difference between aluminum alloy bracket and steel structure bracket is relatively small, and aluminum alloy bracket is much lighter than steel bracket in weight, which is very suitable for rooftop power station.

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