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Maintenance of cold bending machine

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Maintenance of cold bending machine

Cold bending machine factory specializing in the production of cold bending machine, CNC cold bending machine, hydraulic cold bending machine, so in the use of cold bending machine, need to pay special attention to maintenance and maintenance, so as to ensure the stable operation of the machine, so as not to affect the normal production, but also can effectively prolong the service life of equipment. We usually in contact with customers in the process, often encounter some customers reflect the machine problems which are more due to ordinary do not pay attention to maintenance.Sometimes some strict problems, but also because usually do not pay attention to maintenance and maintenance reasons. Therefore, we as equipment manufacturers, it is necessary to write a guide article, tell you some maintenance and maintenance methods, for everyone to learn reference.

The first is about the maintenance and maintenance of the roll. Rollers need to be added with anti-rust oil every ten days or so, when the equipment is not used for a long time, should also be brushed with anti-rust oil. Prevent the roller from rusting during prolonged use or non-use.

Secondly, it is about the maintenance and maintenance of the cutter mold. The cutter mold, where friction occurs, in the production process, add lubricating oil every half hour to avoid the accelerated wear of the cutter. In addition, when the incision burr is too large to meet the requirements, it is because the knife edge is not sharp enough, it should be handled in time, otherwise it is too serious, the blade or abrasive may be damaged.

Third, about the maintenance and maintenance of punching die. The maintenance of punching die is the same as that of cutting die. When it is found that the die is not sharp enough, it is necessary to grind the die flat to make it more sharp.

Fourth, about the maintenance and maintenance of the transmission mechanism. For the cold bending machine, the friction of the transmission mechanism is very serious, the transmission mechanism here refers to: chain, gear, reducer, etc. These parts in high strength and long time work, wear speed, so we should pay special attention to the lubrication of these parts. In the tool, link, gear every half a minute or so to a lubricating oil, reducer should be ten days or so to check the amount of oil, each time the amount should be added according to the actual situation, should keep the oil level reached two-thirds of the position.

The last is about the maintenance and maintenance of the circuit. For some not professional users, circuit problems are more troublesome, so usually pay more attention to protect the circuit, do a good job of dustproof, moisture-proof, oil-proof protection. The electric wires must be protected from damage.

In addition to the above maintenance and maintenance of cold bend forming machine, before the cold bending machine operation, first check the mechanical parts, whether to do the corresponding lubrication work, on the cold bending forming machine spindle part to use high temperature lubricating grease, to properly add oil, add more will affect the cooling function of cold bending machine, serious can lead to bearing cannot work normally.

The above is part of my factory for buyers encountered problems of cold bending machine equipment maintenance common sense, I plant production of cold bending machine price concessions, good quality, at the same time I plant to meet the needs of the vast number of customers to provide personalized customized services, welcome customers to order.

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