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Precautions for purchasing lubricants for the elevator guide rail production.

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Elevators and escalators can be seen in many places. Such as shopping malls, office buildings, residential quarters, etc. But many people don't know Elevator Guide Rail Processing Production Line. In this article, I will introduce some knowledge about elevator guide rail production, I hope it can help you.

Precautions for purchasing lubricants for the elevator guide rail production.

Our company has the elevator guide rail production.

Precautions for purchasing lubricants for the elevator guide rail production.

For toothed traction elevators, the reduction gearbox of the traction system is used to reduce the output speed of the traction machine and increase the output torque. There are many types of traction system reduction gearbox structures, the commonly used ones are worm gear type, bevel gear type and planetary gear type. Turbine and worm type traction machine turbines are mostly made of wear-resistant bronze, and the worm is made of alloy steel with surface carburizing and quenching. The sliding between the tooth surfaces of the worm transmission is large, the tooth surface contact time is longer, and the friction and wear are outstanding. Therefore, no matter what kind of worm gear drive, there are problems of extreme pressure and anti-wear.

Performance characteristics:

①Good abrasion resistance, reducing the abrasion of elevator guide rail production parts;

②Excellent elevator guide rail production lubricity ensures the smooth and safe operation of elevator equipment.

③Good anti-oxidation stability, effective anti-rust and anti-corrosion agent can protect the parts of the machine tool from rust;

④Reduce failures: This product contains special extreme pressure additives, which can form an effective protective film even under heavy loads to prevent scratches caused by the production of slide rails and elevator guide rail production.

If the elevator guide rail production is not refueled when it needs to be refueled, it will cause wear and damage to the mechanical parts of the elevator, greatly shorten the service life of the elevator, and make it impossible to use the elevator normally.

Our company has the elevator guide rail production.

Our company (Zhang Yun Machinery) specializes in manufacturing advanced multi-material, multi-thickness, multi-shape cold bending equipment, high-frequency welded pipe equipment, special equipment for auxiliary processing of elevator guide rail production, and non-standard automated production lines. Our high-performance roll forming system can process a large number of different types of high-quality profiles. Among the products related to elevator guide rail production, there are: semi-automatic twisting machine, automatic metal processing production line,  etc.

If you are satisfied with the products produced by our company's (Zhang Yun Machinery) elevator guide rail production, you can go to our company to check the products produced by elevator guide rail production, or you can also order products. Our company specializes in manufacturing Drawer Rail Cold Bending Machine, high-frequency welded pipe equipment, CZ Purlin Bending Machine and a solid pioneer in the field of non-standard automated production lines, providing users with flexible solutions that combine more advanced design concepts and laboratory instruments Detection Systems.

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