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Storage shelf production equipment composition

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Storage shelf production equipment composition

Storage shelf production equipment is composed of: automatic feeding machine, leveling machine, feeder, punching machine, roll forming machine, size cutting, receiving table, electrical control cabinet and other main components.

Storage shelf production equipment belongs to the cold bending forming equipment, is according to the requirements of enterprises tailored research and development of non-standard cold bending forming equipment.

Because the enterprise requirements for different customer groups are also different, for non-standard equipment, Zhang Yun machinery has its own set of mature complete production system, according to different customer requirements, from research to design and late equipment finished products, has a very strict production process, so the equipment between enterprises have a difference.

The shelf equipment comprises shelf layer board equipment, shelf column and beam equipment.

The column of storage shelf is made of cold rolled steel plate by special cold bending forming unit. The front side of the column is punched with double rows of holes, the hole distance is 50mm along the straight line. The column holes are used to hang the beam. The two columns are opposite, and there are transverse connecting pipes and inclined connecting pipes in the middle to assemble the two columns into the column pieces of the shelf. Shelf beam adopts "P" type pipe, commonly known as "ladder beam", the height of the ladder is matched with the height of the laminates. The shelf steel layer plate is made of cold rolled steel plate, which is bent on four sides according to the required size. The beam is connected with the column sheet and assembled into a frame. Finally, the steel plate is laid, so that a complete set of medium-sized shelves are formed. After all parts of the shelf are processed and molded, they are assembled into finished products after grinding, pickling, phosphating, automatic powder electrostatic spraying, drying and other processes. The shelf finished product surface is smooth and beautiful; The shelf layer can be adjusted up and down according to the 50mm pitch, convenient disassembly. Usually used for small and medium-sized and heavy cargo storage, single-layer load bearing is in the range of 200kg-500kg. Widely used in manpower, manual handling, storage and picking operations of various occasions storage and display.

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