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Straightening machine

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Straightening machine

Straightening machine is the equipment for straightening metal profiles, bars, pipes, wires, etc.

The straightening process

The position of the rollers is at an Angle to the direction of movement of the straightened product. Two or three large rollers are active pressure rollers, which are driven by the motor to rotate in the same direction. On the other side, several smaller rollers are driven pressure rollers, which are driven by the friction of the rotating rod or pipe. In order to achieve the desired compression of the roller on the product, the position of these small rollers can be adjusted simultaneously or separately forward or backward. Generally, the more rolls there are, the higher the accuracy of the straightened product. After the product is bitten by the roller, it continuously makes straight line or rotating motion, so that the product bears various aspects of compression, bending, flattening and other deformation, and finally achieves the purpose of straightening.


1.Before starting up, check whether the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic station, reducer box and gear oil of the transmission box are full.

2.Before starting the main motor, check the Angle adjustment and adjust the working pressure of the hydraulic system.

3.All lubrication points should be injected with lubricating oil to check the operation of the mechanical transmission part to make it flexible.

4.The operating personnel should wear good labor protection supplies. They shall not leave their posts or series posts after starting the equipment.

5.When the oil temperature and pressure of the hydraulic station have been stabilized, the upper straightening roller has been raised to the initial position.

6.Pictures of artificial material, steel pipe sent through the third pair of straightening roller after the upper straightening roller pressure clamping.

7.Start the main motor, and the steel pipe rotates forward and is straightened.

8.The motor stops, the straightening roller stops straightening, the straightening roller is lifted, and the straightened steel pipe is sent out.

9.Its advantages are reverse straightening through the reverse knob on the operating table.

10.The main motor has stopped, the straightening roller has stopped straightening, and the steel pipe has been returned to the starting position to be repeated the next straightening program instruction.

⒒ after downtime, total power close, can't change the program controller.

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