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The Scope Of Use Of Cold Bending Machine

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The Scope Of Use Of Cold Bending Machine

In industrial society, what kind of mechanical products are more popular? The market development space of mechanical products is still considerable. So, what kind of cold bending machine can sell well in the future industrial market? And the scope of use of cold bending machine distribution in what fields?

The production and manufacture of cold bending equipment started late in China and developed rapidly until 1980s. In the domestic production of cold bending equipment enterprises are generally private enterprises, the production of equipment technology is limited, and the production area is relatively non-decentralized. In the early stage of cold bending equipment is mainly to introduce foreign equipment, later by domestic technical personnel research and development increased year by year. For a long period of time in the past, there has been no significant breakthrough and progress in the research and development of cold bending equipment in China, which is mainly due to imperfect technology and experience. But with the rapid development of time and technology, many engineering software has been developed, cold bending equipment in the aspect of material forming has a new direction of development. Our country had been in the history of cold bending steel plate strip production is low, slow development because of lack of raw materials, with the great development of China's iron and steel industry in recent years, strip production also increased significantly, the deep processing, especially for cold bending steel will be a good opportunity, along with our country iron and steel industry and steel structure to accelerate the development of related industries, such as demand for cold bend section steel is becoming more and more big, Our country cold - formed section steel is facing a new development climax.

The use of machine products in different periods is subject to maturity, and the arrival of the machine age can often achieve improvements in different periods. As for the scope of use of our machine, many people's only experience is that the functions of the cold bending machine in all aspects of detail can also be just right. In fact, for the use of the scope of the machine grasp, more people choose to believe that the current machine products in the use of operation is more useful.

The high quality performance of cold bending machine is obvious to many industrial businessmen. We have a general familiarity with the need for "weird" machines. How can future machine products be developed in general, difficult investment is more profitable. A better range of machine use is subject to the actual needs of the market.

Cold bending machines are used for everything from simple shelves to messy window b-pins. Domestic cold bending equipment industry resources should be integrated, to strong joint, stronger, bigger, cultivate the Chinese brand; Baidu should participate in the cooperation and merger of international manufacturers; To further realize the international division of specialization, actively participate in the production transfer and subcontracting manufacturing of multinational enterprise groups; Enterprises should strengthen the application of information technology and e-commerce, and integrate enterprise resources into the world industrial and supply chains. Experts predict that in the next five years, China's cold-bending equipment industry will catch up with and even surpass Japan's total output, and the pattern of the whole international cold-bending equipment market will change to some extent.

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