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The common problems and solutions in the debugging process of molding machine equipment are discussed

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The common problems and solutions in the debugging process of molding machine equipment are discussed

Molding machine equipment assumption planning is not reasonable, in the debugging process will present side wave, bag wave, longitudinal twists and turns, corner folds, cracks and distortion deformation shortcomings. Present problems and then from scratch planning processing roll, will constitute a human and material resources and other resources. If we can understand the mechanism of these shortcomings, try to avoid them in the planning process, or make reasonable improvements to the roll on the original basis after the shortcomings appear, and then reduce and eliminate these shortcomings, we can still achieve the expected policy of roll planning. Here are some common conditions and solutions in the debugging process of molding machine equipment:

1.the formation of longitudinal zigzagging, an important reason is that the edge of the section is subjected to the effect of tension in the side of the zigzagging, and strive to stretch the whole section along the longitudinal, but the tension can not stretch the whole rigid section, resulting in the front end of the rolled parts showing up or down zigzagging phenomenon.

In order to reduce or eliminate longitudinal twists and turns, we should pay attention to the reasonable distribution of deformation in the planning, and the deformation in the following several paths is not easy to be too large. Longitudinal twists and turns can be reduced or eliminated through pre-bending, adding passes, using straightening machine, changing frame interval, selecting roller, adjusting roller gap and other measures.

2.the occurrence of bag wave, mainly because the transverse tensile stress and transverse strain occurred in the tortuous process of the plate, and the strain of the sheet along the thickness direction is relatively small, according to the Poisson connection of the material deformation, will be in the deformation of the more concentrated part along the longitudinal shortening deformation.

This phenomenon is mainly shown in the four deformed corners, so the longitudinal shortening part exerts a tightening force on the central plate, and part of the area becomes unstable under the effect of the force, presenting a bag-like bulge, which is what we often say as a bag-shaped wave. Bag wave is primarily elastic deformation. The bag wave can be eliminated by selecting more molding passes. The width of section edge has some effect on pocket wave. Thin plate presents bag wave more easily than thick plate. The bag wave can be slowed by applying tension to the sheet.

3.Present the waves of edge wave) (hereinafter referred to as the edge, it happened the first is the effect of two kinds of synthesis: kind of mechanism is the same with the pocket in front of the wave, because of twists and turns part of the material by transverse tensile stress, transverse tensile strain, strain in the thickness direction is not big, according to the poisson contact present longitudinal shortening, and edges because being squeeze stress occurs edge wave; The other is that the edge part of the material is stretched and shear lengthened under the effect of external force, and then again by compression shear plastic deformation formed edge wave.

These two effects add up to create a side wave. To reduce or eliminate the side waves, in the early planning should pay attention to the section edge width should not be too large, can refer to the section edge width and plate thickness ratio close to or less than 40 proportion planning. The zigzag Angle can be assigned according to the resume formula. It is assumed that the edge billow is present in the rolling process, and some pass reduction can be added appropriately.

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